Don Lemon Is The King Of Smug Left-Wing Elitists

CNN’s Don Lemon, the “dumbest man on television” according to the President, unleashed a rant on his show about Trump’s criticism of President Obama.

A clip of this went viral, and the anti-Trumpers on Twitter quickly and enthusiastically co-opted Lemon’s remarks.

This clip was red meat for the “remember when we had a president whose only scandal was wearing a gray suit?” crowd. Thousands of people who thought Americans were holding hands and singing Kumbaya from 2008 to 2016 retweeted this, fantasizing about a day that we would return to a simpler, happier time, when the media ignored the president’s scandals and controversies.

For anyone not blinded by TDS, what Lemon said made no sense. It was just him speculating about why Trump could possibly say anything negative about Obama, using his own made up rationalizations of what he imagines Orange Hitler is thinking. Of course, race was involved, because why not?

If anyone knows President Trump’s inner thoughts, it’s Don Lemon. Of course it is.

Perhaps there are other reasons that Trump has it out for the former President. Maybe it has something to do with the Obama DOJ gathering intel on the Trump campaign in 2016, which led to a nearly 2 year investigation into Russia collusion. Just a guess.

After listening to Lemon’s speculation, it’s obvious he isn’t even trying to be a journalist, report the news, or even provide a semi-educated opinion. This is nothing more than a smug liberal elitist telling other smug liberal elitists what they want to hear. Who knows if Lemon himself actually believes anything he’s saying.

Lemon is technically supposed to be a news anchor and not an opinion host, but clearly CNN isn’t fooling anyone here. It wasn’t long ago that he and some of his buddies showed just how they feel about Trump supporters.

I’ve long thought that Rachel Maddow was the most smug person in media. Don Lemon may have passed her with this one.

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