Cringe Alert: NBA To Hold Virutal ‘HORSE’ Tournament

With the Wuhan coronavirus spreading globally and everything except Belorussian soccer suspended, the NBA has attempted to find a way to fulfill the cravings of basketball fans. To do this, the league came up with an idea to have a virtual tournament of HORSE. But with what seems like every modern sporting event, ‘wokeness’ had to be a part of the competition.

The tournament will contain 8 contestants, headlined by Trae Young. Ex-players and current ESPN analysts Chauncey Billups and Paul Pierce will be participating as well. The tournament will also include the ever popular WNBA, a league that generates roughly $60 million a year. To put it in perspective, this is what Tobias Harris will be making mid-way through his max deal.

So in order to give “the fan” what he wants, WNBA players will be included. After all, where would we be without the Connecticut Sun?

I mean look, is there anything wrong with including WNBA players? Of course not. People are bored and NBA stars may have no interest in participating in something so inconsequential. Nobody is going to watch this anyway, so it’s not like I actually care.

What’s silly is the NBA’s constant shilling of the WNBA and the subsequent talk of the league’s “popularity”. There’s not much genuine interest in the WNBA, which was what Family Guy made fun of in the above clip. It was still allowed to state the obvious ten years ago, when this Family Guy episode initially aired, but now we must pretend that there’s some vast WNBA market that is only suppressed by misogyny and hatred.

This is nothing new from the NBA or the worldwide sports industry. Outside of the UFC, all major sports organizations are controlled social ideologues. We saw this last summer when blue check mark Twitter harassed ESPN for not having Doris Burke call games during the finals.

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To nobody’s surprise, this was largely made fun of. There’s a reason the NBA generates 133 times more revenue than the WNBA. Nobody cares about women’s sports. It’s not an insult, it’s the truth and a fact.

It’ll be interesting to see how the WNBA players can compete against Young and Zach Lavine. Let’s just hope this stays a fun, woke free event. Sadly, I’m sure we’ll get some “Ronda Rousey could outbox Mayweather” tier takes.

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