Prediction: Joe Biden Will Not Be On The Ballot In November

We’re living in unprecedented times. The country remains in a virtual shutdown due to the Chinese coronavirus pandemic (yes, I said Chinese coronavirus). It’s almost easy to forget that this is an election year. The Democratic primary voters have spoken, and Joe Biden will be looked to for the task of getting Donald Trump out of the White House. Or will he?

I’m going to make a prediction here: Joe Biden will not be on the ballot come November.

Call me crazy, but I don’t think that the people running the Democratic Party are stupid. Surely, they can see what we all see, right? Nobody can look at the countless clips of Biden doing media hits and giving speeches over the last few months and claim that he’s President material. Even the biggest Trump haters get that.

Another factor complicating this situation are the potentially credible accusations of sexual assault against the former VP. Surely, the left and the media will try tell you why this is different because he’s a Democrat and because they’re all frauds, but the American people can see through it.

Try to imagine Biden sharing a debate stage with Trump. Picture it. It doesn’t even seem fair.

Is the Democratic political machine going to battle with this guy?

I honestly feel bad for the guy.

With everything going on right now, the American people are looking for a strong, steady leader. Trump is polarizing, and by default, there are plenty of people who want him out. That said, a high percentage of Americans believe he is doing a good job leading through this crisis.

Biden has already said that he would choose a female running mate. The people who froth at the mouth over diversity will surely hold him to this, so any chances of grabbing someone like Andrew Cuomo or Mayor Pete look slim.

Names such as Amy Klobuchar, Elizabeth Warren, and Kamala Harris have been thrown around in speculation, according to this piece in Politico. Former US Attorney General Sally Yates was also brought up in this piece. Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer has been mentioned as well since she has been in the public eye more frequently as of late. It was also noted that Biden has been consulting with Barack Obama regarding this decision.

So what about the elephant in the room? It would be foolish to completely discount Hillary Clinton, fresh off her own Hulu docu-series, as a candidate for Vice President.

We may witness a political switcheroo after Biden is declared the Democratic nominee. It makes perfect sense for the DNC. They get the diversity they crave, and they won’t have to convince Americans that their candidate isn’t going senile. My prediction is that it will be either Harris or Klobuchar, and I’m leaning toward the latter.

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