Elizabeth Warren Fake Native American Jokes Will Never Get Old

Since the President trolled Massachusetts Senator and now former 2020 Presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren into revealing her 23 & Me results, confirming that she is less than 1% Native American, the internet has had lots of fun with at her expense. Remember Manti Te’o and his fake girlfriend? Of course you do. The internet is still clowning him almost a decade later. The Liz Warren-Pocahontas jokes will hopefully, God willing, have the same longevity. 

On the day where Pocahontas finally euthanized her failed presidential campaign, Twitter was LIT. Here’s a compilation of some of the best tweets and memes commemorating Warren’s exit.

Gutfeld’s Twitter is always a treasure trove during the Democratic Debates. I bet he had this one saved for this occasion.

Nothing too groundbreaking but still solid.

Trump’s official campaign page got in on the act.

The Babylon Bee wouldn’t let a great opportunity go to waste either.

I suppose it’s excusable that someone might not know their ancestry, especially before the advent of 23 & Me and Ancestry kits. Plenty of people claim that they have Native American DNA, but when you use it to advance your career as Warren has, the internet declares open season. Just like Manti Te’o fake girlfriend jokes, we’re not ready for these to go away. 

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