The Left is Once Again Playing the “Anti-Science” Card Against Trump and Pence over Handling of Coronavirus

Yup, we’re really doing this again folks. Perhaps one of the most tired talking points of the left is that the Trump Administration, specifically Vice President Mike Pence, is “anti-science”. This time, the wedge issue at hand is the handling of the coronavirus epidemic. President Trump recently put Pence in charge of a task force meant to study and mitigate the potential effects of the coronavirus, and the libs weren’t having it.

This should be one of those times when political partisanship gets put on the back burner. We have a legitimate concern here. The coronavirus is in this country. I’m not sounding the alarm, but we can’t ignore this. 

That seems no longer possible in 2020.

Attacking Pence as anti-science is easy for the left. Pence is a devout Catholic whose faith is central to his life. He’s endorsed certain policies while serving as the governor of Indiana, especially pertaining to the LGBT community, that aren’t fashionable among those types. For primarily that reason, he’s seen as a regressive religious nut.

How Pence’s religious beliefs have anything to do with protecting Americans from a virus is beyond me. It’s a product of lazy and dishonest thinking by the left. It has nothing to do with finding solutions. This is about winning. It’s always about winning. At any cost.

The idea that Pence would be in a white lab coat doing tests is absurd. His job is to make sure the right people are on task, and that they have the necessary resources.

I’m not writing this to say that the Trump Administration is knocking this out of the park. We have no way of knowing that yet.

Here’s my message to people like AOC and Jay Inslee: when Mike Pence addresses the nation by pulling out a Bible and saying that we need to pray the coronavirus away, I’ll applaud your foresight and admit I was wrong. Until that happens, sit down, shut up, and let the adults in the room get to work.

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