Activist Sings Bizarre Climate Change Song On Seattle Public Access TV

A climate change activist in Seattle decided to shake things up with a rendition of a “tree murder song”. This one of a kind form of protest was broadcast on Seattle public access TV and the end result is glorious. The song has a chorus, background music and the delivery of a Disney villain introduction. I’m serious; the delivery sounds so Disney Villain-esque that I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a monologue build-up over ominous piano music.

Listen for yourself!

This should honestly be the official theme song for the 2020 Seahawks season. I mean, the creators were kind enough to give the Seahawks some free promotion during the song. What says Seahawks more than a husband wearing a Seahawks shirsey while your wife’s boyfriend is out doing his thing? It shows devotion that only a Seattle native could show, and if he’s lucky, his wife’s boyfriend may just be getting him that Nintendo DS for Christmas.

I’ve also gotta give a personal shout-out to the old school, bringing a speaker as background music and pressing play approach they took here. We can’t see it, but we already know that thing was made in 1996 and doesn’t even have bluetooth capabilities.

My favorite part is the uncomfortable looking audience in the background. Outside the enthusiastic supporters dressed as trees up front, just about everybody in the crowd has that “smile you make when you walk by a stranger” look on their faces. It only intensifies when the singer yells “STAND UP” and I can’t say I blame them.

How much of a nut-job do you have to be to have a Seattle crowd thinking you’re jumping the progressive shark?

Anyways, I’d rather have Seattle leftist activists singing bizarre ballads than smashing car windows and attacking ICE facilities. If this is the peaceful, non-violent outlet they embrace for the future, I’m here for it.

The only thing that sucks is that I have “there’s a hole in the sky where the tree once was” stuck in my head now.

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