Joaquin Phoenix’s Bizarre Dairy Lecture at Oscars Gets Called Out by PA Congressman


Hollywood award shows are a cesspool of crazy political takes, virtue signaling, and lecturing on social issues. One of the more bizarre morality lectures came from Joaquin Phoenix after winning the Oscar for Best Actor for his role as The Joker.

Quite the interesting take. Global warming? Nope. Abortion? Nope. Orange Man bad? Nope again. Dairy? You bet!

We call these people out of touch when they talk about politics, but this is a new level. Criticizing the people who bust ass to feed us is not only crazy, but wrong. Thankfully, Phoenix’s bizarre speech didn’t go unchecked.

Not enough people with power and influence fight back against this absurdity. Usually, politicians would rather talk about taxes and regulations than battle a world famous actor on the morality of dairy farming practices, so it was a pleasant surprise to see that someone took up the cause. It’s an added bonus that Rep. Keller is from my home county. 

Keller got some blowback from vegan twitter (apparently it’s a thing), but anyone saying that the guy knows nothing about the dairy industry is mistaken. Dairy farms are very common in his (and my) district. There’s a 100% chance that he has visited many of them, and has close personal friendships with dairy farmers.

It says a lot about someone’s priorities when they decide to take up the cause of lecturing the country on the evils of dairy farming. Farming is a way of life for many people, and without it, people don’t eat. It is the definition of “first world problems” when someone is complaining about how we get milk from the source to stores. In front of the world, Joaquin Phoenix got on his soapbox and took shots at dairy farmers. I’m not the type to get offended or outraged on someone else’s behalf, but If I were a dairy farmer, I’d be irritated. You wake up early and stomp around in cow shit in order to pay the bills, and some douchebag who gets millions to act is telling people that your livelihood is bad. It is this elitist attitude that is off putting to so many people. It’s been said many times that Hollywood is in no place to lecture regular people on moral and social issues, and this example couldn’t be more perfect.

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