Trump is Using the Media’s “Dictator” Narrative Against Them

Donald Trump, the Troll in Chief, has found the perfect go-to method to drive his critics insane. As if the guy wasn’t already great at it, he may have found the silver bullet. A while back, pro-Trump meme maker Carpe Donktum created a meme video using a Time Magazine cover.

Trump has tweeted this meme several times, but has leaned on it a few times lately, especially since his acquittal. It was one of the highlights of his recent “victory lap” after the Senate inevitably struck down the attempt at impeachment. He just pulled it out again this morning. Because, as he says, it doesn’t get old! Imagine being able to make people go insane by tweeting a meme. That’s a superpower we would all like to have.

One of the manufactured talking points that the Democrat-Media Machine has repeated since his acquittal and subsequent firing of the Vindman brothers and Gordon Sondland is that “Trump is a dictator who will now do whatever he wants since he has the support of a Republican Party who will continue to cheer him on as he tears up the Constitution”. Trump and his supporters can and should have fun with this. This might be the easiest troll of all time.

Trump hears all of this “dictator” talk, and continues to play the media like a puppeteer. Instead of running from the dictator talk, he feeds it. He tweets this meme, the left goes nuts, and consequently exposes itself as irrational. Rinse, repeat. 

People like Bette Midler make this too easy.

Sadly, this doomsday rhetoric that CNN and other outlets continue to preach has convinced those who watch and read their material that Trump is a dictator, and that his base is fine with him being a dictator. However, if you continue to tell the country that the world is about to end, you’d better be right at least once. It’s especially ironic that not only has the world not ended, but people largely report being satisfied. It’s the quintessential “boy who cried wolf” storyline. Sooner or later, nobody believes you. Crazy, right? It’s no accident that trust in media has decreased dramatically over the last 4 years.

We’re living in an interesting time. The economy is rolling, there are fewer wars (and hopefully will continue to be), and people are more tolerant than they’ve ever been. Yet we’re constantly told that we’re living under the rule of a Hitler-like figure, and the whole system is racist (according to people like Bernie Sanders).

If you’re one of those who think the country is collapsing, try to remove yourself from the CNN bubble and take a look around. You might be surprised.

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