Looking Back on my Super Bowl Bets: Winners and (Lots of) Losers

Time to reflect on how our picks fared during the Super Bowl. I wasn’t very successful in my personal gambling endeavor. l personally only cashed on 1 bet. 

I was unable to place any of the novelty bets that I wrote about in the non-football wager post. DraftKings did not make any of them available. Which probably wouldn’t have made much of a difference to the bottom line.

Here are a few of my disappointments:

Over/under: 53.5, Result: 51

Close, but no cigar. The over never looked promising after the first few possessions of the game, but came into play late. I was hoping for a San Fran garbage time TD after Damien Williams put the Chiefs up 31-20, but it wasn’t to be. I made the mistake of parlaying the over with the Chiefs-1.5. Not ideal. I guess that’s the price you pay for being greedy.

First Touchdown, Result: Patrick Mahomes (+2000)

I took a long shot from each team, so I’m not kicking myself. I was trying to swing for the fences on this one. And in all honesty, a Mahomes rushing TD was a long shot. I went with Mecole Hardman and Kendrick Bourne. No such luck.

Over/under 2.5 players to throw a pass (over, +240)

I saw this as I was making my final run through the bets. It felt like free money. The Super Bowl is the game where the whole playbook is fair game. Who could forget the Philly Special, and also Brady dropping a pass in the same game? I predicted that with San Fran being a run heavy team that doesn’t want to rely too heavily on their quarterback, maybe Kyle Shanahan would pull out some kind of jet sweep pass. I was right, but the dude didn’t throw it. I’m still mad about it. Damn you Deebo Samuel.

Gatorade color (orange +500)

I was unable to bet on this, but I probably would have bet on blue. There are several popular flavors of Gatorade that are various shades of blue. In my opinion, blue would have been playing the odds. If you took orange, congrats.

First songs of the halftime show (Shakira: “She Wolf” +250, J. Lo: “Jenny from the Block” +450)

Once again, DraftKings wouldn’t allow me to bet on this, but I would have done well had I been able. I would have whiffed on Shakira, but would have hit with “Jenny from the Block”. At +450, I would have made a nice chunk of change. Honestly, didn’t it seem obvious that Jennifer Lopez would open with that song? After all, she still is Jenny from the Block. Side note: it’s a travesty that she didn’t do “Taco Flavored Kisses”.


Trump tweets (over 13.5)

I was wrong here as well. I played the odds based on the last 2 Super Bowls, where the President was relatively quiet online. I did factor in that impeachment was going on, as well as the Trump campaign airing 2 new ads, but I was wrong. With all the people that regularly lose their minds over his tweets, who would have thought that a geography gaffe would have been the one that got everyone going?

Wardrobe malfunction (no -2500)

Just think if there had been one…the internet would have exploded. Suburban mom twitter would have really gone off the deep end. There are enough people foaming at the mouth over the fact that their kids saw two women shake their asses and J. Lo pole dance.

Player proposal (no -900)

I thought there would be a possibility given that Mahomes’ girl probably has some pressure on him to pop the question. She figures to also cash in on his upcoming payday. I bet it happens pretty soon anyway. Congrats on your upcoming contract and engagement, Patrick.

MVP, Mahomes (+110)

This was my only win. I bet on Mahomes because I believed that he would have to be MVP if the Chiefs were to win. I also took 1 long shot from the Niners, Richard Sherman (+8000), who got burnt by Sammy Watkins on a key play late in the fourth quarter.

My results weren’t great. However, I don’t bet too often, so when I do, I usually take too many long shots. My biggest mistake was parlaying the over with the Chiefs -1.5. Hopefully I will learn my lesson. Probably not gonna happen.

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