What Your Twitter Timeline Is Bound To Look Like During The Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is one of those rare things that seemingly everyone (well, almost everyone) more or less participates in. It’s an American cultural event that even those who hate football at least acknowledge. As a result, the Super Bowl is one of those events where essentially everybody is online.

That said, it’s pretty easy to predict the type of stuff that will appear on your Twitter timeline in just a few hours. Of course there will be hilarious content and memes, but there will also be plenty of predictable garbage and takes.

Here are some things and types of people you’re bound to see on your Twitter timeline during the Super Bowl.

People who act like not watching the Super Bowl is an achievement

There’s always gonna be those who like going against the grain, but social media has added insane amounts of fuel to the fire. Everybody looking for a unique, edgy take has led to a whole movement of people who act like hating on whatever is trendy at the time makes them special. For example, you’ve got cringe-lords who ruin The Office with memes but then you’ve got people who act like not watching it is a personality trait. Same with Game of Thrones, having an interest in politics, and yes, the Super Bowl.

If a large amount of people are enjoying or talking about something, rest assured that you’re gonna get that “I don’t care about the Super Bowl and that makes me interesting” type going off on social media.

Don’t care about the Super Bowl? By all means, don’t watch. I’ve tuned out before because frankly, it’s not always interesting. I’m guilty of missing the Santanio Holmes reception because I was playing Call of Duty. Not watching is one thing, but lacking interest in something is not a personality trait.

Unfortunately these people will be out in force during election season, so exercise caution.

The guy who hates on the Halftime Show

Look man, there’s obviously not much overlap between football fans and caring about the halftime show. It’s usually terrible because artists who are used to layers of auto-tune and recordings are forced to actually try and perform live. Most football fans – myself included – usually tune out for the halftime show. Ultimately, it’s more of an accolade for artists and a way to engage non football fans.

We all know this, it’s always been a thing, but there is surely going to be that guy who let’s generic halftime show takes fly. The “OK boomer” meme is so played out, but the rabid halftime show hater is almost surely going to be a boomer.

In their defense, I suppose there’s truly nothing to look forward to for them. At least us younger fans can always hope they do the full version of the Spongebob halftime show.

The degenerate gamblers

There’s nothing wrong with some measured sports gambling. I typically bet on the UFC but all sports betting can be fun if managed correctly. The Super Bowl is one of the biggest gambling days of the year and even people who don’t typically gamble will throw a couple bills on the game, football and non football-related props or a pool.

That said, there is certainly the crowd who takes it too far. You are sure to see people on your timeline absolutely freaking out over all the money they have tied up in various props and bets. If you’re a real life version of the Dave Portnoy character, please seek help.

The people who fawn over an average commercial

Commercials have obviously become an enormous part of Super Bowl culture. It’s another one of those things meant to lure people in who aren’t traditional football fans. Companies spend absurd amounts of money for just 30 seconds of ad time and the commercials are discussed for days following the game. Budweiser, Doritos and other companies are known for producing quality Super Commercials year in and year out.

Then of course, you’re sure to have your duds. Oftentimes the worst Super Bowl commercials aren’t even the most poorly done. It’s the ones that are forced and low effort that are cringe. You know, something like throwing a bunch of celebrities into a commercial as if that makes it good. Wanna sell Sprite? Let’s just have Morgan Freeman and Peter Dinklage lip-sync Busta Rhymes. People will love it!

The generic commercial is then shilled all throughout social media. I can just see the article titles now. “Rihanna ate chips in that Doritos commercial and we are HERE for it”.

Nothing is worse than last year’s Amazon commercial. In typical Bezos “I’m just gonna outspend you in every way possible” fashion, they simply mashed up a bunch of celebrities and called it a day. Pure garbage.

Let’s hope Amazon goes with the version below instead.

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