Crazy Policies and Cringe-worthy Pandering: The Road to the Democratic Nomination

After all the buildup, we’re finally coming up on the primaries. Actual votes will be cast in the Iowa caucuses, and the race for the Democratic nomination will begin. After all of the debates, town halls, and rallies, let’s reflect on some of the most bat shit insane things Democratic candidates have said on the campaign trail. Between cringe-worthy pandering and radical policy proposals, there was no shortage of material. Bernie Sanders and Liz Warren account for much of this list.

Radical Policies

Free healthcare for illegal immigrants

Whether every one of these candidates (many of whom are no longer in the race) actually support this, or whether they were just pandering to the crowd, is irrelevant to the question of how crazy this idea is. Not only are most of these candidates not actively trying to secure the border, they just expressed their intent to incentivize illegal immigration. “Hey everyone, come on in! Everyone here will pay for your health insurance!”

Perhaps if you cared about winning back the rust belt, you could separate from the pack by stating how you’ll be the one Democrat that cares about curbing illegal immigration. But no, better not anger the talking heads on MSNBC and get called racist.

Let incarcerated felons vote

For a guy who has a lot of radical policies, Bernie Sanders may have taken the cake with this one. Sure, I’m all for people being able to vote after they’ve been released from prison. They already paid their debt to society, and have a clean slate. But allowing the Boston Marathon bomber to vote and participate in the process? 

Banning fossil fuels

Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have been the most aggressive of the major democratic candidates in combating the fossil fuel industry. Both want to ban fracking and stop further construction of gas pipelines, but Bernie has taken it a step further. Bernie has said that he wants to hold executives of fossil fuel companies criminally liable. Sure, never mind that natural gas production has allowed us to decrease carbon emissions, let’s just take all of them out. Who cares about the economy anyway?

Free college/cancel student debt

Once again, Bernie and Liz are at the forefront of this one. Like many progressive policies, it sounds good. Paying off student loans isn’t pleasant. 

As good as it sounds, there are always consequences. First, it costs a lot. Second, you penalize people who acted responsibly. 

You can’t help but feel for this guy. Pocahontas apparently doesn’t thought.

Criminalizing “disinformation”

Liz Warren has been sliding in the polls lately, and may be throwing up a Hail Mary with this one. Combating “disinformation” has been a Democratic talking point since Trump’s election, so this is probably popular with her media allies. 

Once again, it sounds good, but who has the authority to say what constitutes “disinformation”? I think we know the answer. This is a left-wing silencing tactic. This is what real dictators do.

Cringeworthy Pandering

Warren’s “vetting process”

Pocahontas has an interesting vetting process for her Secretary of Education should she *gulp* be elected President: She will seek the approval of a 9-year old transgender kid.

This is insane whether or not she means it. Either she means it, in which case she’s seeking the opinion of a 9-year old kid on an important decision, or she doesn’t, and this is pandering and using this kid to make a political statement. One thing is for sure: if you call her on it, you’re a transphobe.

Panderin’ Pete

Mayor Pete Buttigieg has had some promising moments throughout the campaign, but his ability to bring out the black vote has been thoroughly questioned. On his campaign website, he used a photo of a black woman to highlight his plan to strengthen the black community. However, it was discovered that the photo was actually a stock photo of a woman in Kenya.

Knowing how seriously the left takes issues (or non-issues) pertaining to race, the reaction was strong. So strong that it lead to the Buttigieg campaign issuing a survey to minority staffers.

Obtained by New York Times

You know all that touchy-feely, inclusiveness, and sensitivity shit that has infected universities? It’s making its way outward.

Bloomberg is down with the gays

Mike Bloomberg continues to be hard to take seriously. If he stuck to his record as NYC Mayor, and was more like the guy he presented himself to be on his nonstop TV ads, maybe he would be considered a serious candidate. Similarly to Biden and other more moderate Democratic candidates, he feels pressure from the media to pander to the woke activist base. Hence, you get this:

Joe and Corn Pop

Much has been made of Uncle Joe and his tendency to be rather awkward at times. The guy has a certain likeability about him that plays well with middle America, but man can he be uncomfortable. Not to mention his countless gaffes, which brings his age and cognitive abilities into question. There are plenty of good ones, but here is perhaps his most famous:

I could keep going, but you get the point. This party has locked itself in a woke prison of its own making, so attempts to be politically correct will keep coming. It truly must be exhausting to play by this ever-changing set of rules. Leftism is a religion, and its rules continue to change.

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