5 Teams The Sixers Could Partner With At The Trade Deadline


The Sixers are in a cluster. Despite some signature wins against the Bucks and Lakers, the team has struggled to get on the same page and go on a sustained run of success. An injury to Joel Embiid throughout most of January didn’t help either. This could have an extreme effect on the team’s outcome this season. From the start of the season, the Sixers were one of a few teams to be the favorite to win it all this year. But with Joel’s injury issues flaring up and the Eastern Conference being surprisingly competitive, the Sixers are going to need make a trade.

The team cannot rely on Mike Scott, who has been the least efficient player on the team. The off-court street fighter has the worst total points allowed rating on the team and is at the bottom on the offensive as well as the defensive side of the ball. But that doesn’t matter, do it for the hive bro *bee emoji*. If you can’t find him on the chart, he’s just to the left of Furkan Korkmaz who also needs to be replaced.

Korkmaz is a solid shooter at 38% and the team should ultimately hang onto him. But, we need to find better options for the short term. The Sixers need wings who can come off the bench and defend. Furkan is vulnerable on the defensive end and can be stranded on the offensive end at times under a Brett Brown system. He will not be a problem in the playoffs for the Sixers when they faced three point heavy shooting teams like Milwaukee.

The team still does not have a clear answer at the backup point guard position. They moved on from TJ McConnell and replaced him with Trey Burke and Raul Neto on veteran minimum contracts. Both are decent role players but, they are not the answer. The two have traded minutes on and off with Neto currently the primary backup of the bench. This conflict has grown steadily over the 1st Half of the season with Burke’s father complaining on social media about his son’s lack of minutes.

The three key pieces this team needs the most is a veteran playmaking guard *cough* sign Jamal Crawford to a 10 day *cough*, a 3&D wing player, and a stretch forward. Here, are the five teams the Sixers could partner with at the NBA Trade Deadline.

Detroit Pistons

Detroit is currently 17-32 and unlikely to make the playoffs. Blake Griffin is out indefinitely and the team is heavily shopping Andre Drummond. That said, the player that most fits the Sixers needs is former MVP Derrick Rose.

Just think, nearly 8 years after tearing his ACL against the Sixers in Game 1 of the Playoffs, D Rose could come to Philadelphia to help the Sixers win it all. Rose is in the first year of an extremely friendly two-year contract worth under $15M. The Sixers could easily make this move and I hope they do. While Rose isn’t a knockdown shooter, he is more of a “microwave” than anybody currently on the roster and his addition would solve some rotation dilemmas. If they want him, they’ll have to give up a lot.

Potential Trade:

Sixers receive: Derrick Rose and Markieff Morris

Pistons receive: Mike Scott, Raul Neto, Zhaire Smith, the Thunder 2020 1st Round Pick, and the Knicks 2021 2nd Round Pick

Washington Wizards

The Wizards – who’ve been without John Wall all season – are currently in 11th place in the Eastern Conference. It’s unclear what the team wants to do with Bradley Beal, who is widely regarded as an All Star snub.

The Sixers could surely make a move; likely involving a package of Al Horford and Josh Richardson, but Washington will likely need more to break up that young duo. Davis Bertans has been on a tear with Washington since signing there over the summer. He’s shooting 43% from 3 and is on an expiring contract, holding no long-term ties to the team’s cap space. But Washington owns his bird rights and it seems unlikely they move on unless they get an offer they can’t refuse.

Potential Trade:

Sixers receive: Davis Bertans

Wizards receive: Zhaire Smith and the Sixers 2022 1st Round Pick (top 10 protected)

Minnesota Timberwolves

The Timberwolves really have no excuses for the disappointing season they’ve had. The Jimmy Butler trade and sacrificing Zach Lavine to get a little over a season of drama has ruined the franchise. Besides Karl-Anthony Towns and Anthony Towns, the team is just awful. It might not be a bad idea for Minnesota to move former Sixer Robert Covington and have plenty of cap for next summer.

The Sixers – who desperately need defensive help off the bench – would certainly have interest in bringing back a process era star. Let’s get the re-union started early.

Potential Trade:

Sixers receive: Robert Covington and Shabazz Napier

Timberwolves receive: Zhaire Smith, Jonah Bolden, Raul Neto, Hawks 2020 2nd Round Pick, and the Knicks 2021 2nd Round Pick

New Orleans Pelicans

The Pelicans have what the Sixers need in that they have a plethora of sharpshooting wings. Led by JJ Redick, the Pelicans could also have E’Twaun Moore and former Villanova star Josh Hart available. I doubt New Orleans would part ways with Hart and the Sixers really don’t have the cap room for Redick at $13.4M.

So, this leaves us with Moore, who is on an expiring contract. Moore could also be a candidate for a buyout, so watch his name after the deadline if he doesn’t get moved. I’d prefer to pay for the 40% three point shooter’s plane ticket if Elton Brand can get a deal done.

Potential Trade:

Sixers receive: E’Twaun Moore

Pelicans receive: Raul Neto and Mavericks 2020 2nd Round Pick

Sacramento Kings

With the backend of the Western Conference weakening, it seemed very possible for the Kings to finally make the playoffs for the first time since 2006. I believe I would’ve been in Kindergarten which summarizes how they are so awfully run. The Kings have become less desperate to move scoring wing Bogdan Bogdanovic and might even be fine with letting him go into restricted free agency. Why not trade defense for scoring?

Potential Trade:

Sixers receive: Bogdan Boganovic and Nemanja Bjelica

Kings receive: Josh Richardson, Mike Scott, Thunder 2020 1st Round Pick and Knicks 2021 2nd Round Pick

Here is a list of several other team the Sixers could make potential trades with:

Golden State Warriors

Portland Trail Blazers

San Antonio Spurs

Atlanta Hawks

Cleveland Cavaliers

New York Knicks

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