Trump’s Impeachment Is The Most Transparent Witch Hunt In U.S. Political History

As Donald Trump’s impeachment hearing drags on, it becomes increasingly clear that the majority of Americans simply do not care. The American public has been bombarded with non-stop, over dramatic political rhetoric for the past 5+ years. Things are clearly more uncivil, more unhinged, more downright nasty than they were just a few years ago. Dozens of accusations have been lobbed at Trump, breathlessly covered, then tossed in the dust bin in favor of another scandal. This has happened so frequently that people can’t even keep up.

Donald Trump has been presented as the devil incarnate who is everything wrong with the world. His harshest critics have become parodies of themselves, as evidenced by the recent CNN segment in which Don Lemon and the boys demonstrated that they are legends in their own minds. Lemon and two guests rattled off the most generic, lazy attacks on Trump supporters they possibly could while giggling to themselves as if they came up with cutting edge material. It’s a visual representation of everything the far left has sought to create since the 2016 election. An unchecked feedback loop and constant reinforcement of a radical ideology leads to that video.

President Trump’s election has led to a coalition of far left radicals, bitter Clinton affiliated, establishment dems and salty neo-cons who have made it their mission in life to remove him. These groups have different agendas at the end of the day, but they are united in their hatred of Donald Trump and his supporters. To rabid Trump haters, all of his supporters are simply uneducated rubes who hate black people and shoot guns in the air. This is reinforced daily through corporate media, social media and Marxist dominated sections of the education sector.

There’s also a clear difference between those who hate Donald Trump purely because “orange man bad” and those who simply don’t care for him. Plenty of left-leaning individuals simply don’t like Trump for a multitude of reasons ranging from policy to character. That is of course healthy to a stable, democratic and free society. However, it is increasingly clear to all neutral parties that radicals have used Trump’s election as a guise to enter the mainstream.

When referring to this crowd, we’re talking about the people who post generic Trump hate on social media at all hours of the day. The ones who recoil and malfunction if they simply find out that a co-worker supports Donald Trump. The individuals so far removed from any outside thought that they truly don’t believe Trump supporters even exist, because the ones around them don’t speak on it due to the issues above. It is a problem, and it has been created intentionally.

Ultimately, the extreme rhetoric, Mueller investigation and now the impeachment trial are simply ways to create a cloud around Trump. Since day one, it’s been a non-stop stream of absurd accusations that have never been proven. It’s such a steady firing line that as soon as Trump’s defenders can shoot down one accusation, a new one pops up.

All throughout the Mueller investigation, Trump was accused of a multitude of crimes including money laundering, witness intimidation and even treason against the United States. The President of the United States was actually accused of treason by multiple members of Congress and former CIA Director John Brennan. Adam Schiff assured the people that he had seen tangible evidence linking Trump’s campaign to the Russian government. Day in and day out, the American public was blitzed with assurances that Trump had colluded with a foreign government to sway the election. A cult of personality was built up around Robert Mueller and he was portrayed as a saintly figure who would bring the evil, corrupt Drumpf to justice.

Of course Mueller never found any “Russian collusion”. What he did was go on a months long, multi-million dollar fishing expedition in which he and a team of Ivy League prosecutors squeezed members of Trump’s campaign for political jaywalking. Promises of evidence showing Trump’s treason instead turned into indictments against Russian Facebook trolls with minuscule reach and an indictment of Michael Flynn for lying to the FBI.

Far from the grand crimes promised, but the point was achieved nonetheless. The unsuspecting, uninformed voter simply see’s a non-stop stream of negativity and “smoke” surrounding Trump. Repeat something enough and it becomes true, and that is what operation “get Trump at any cost” has led to.

Millions of Americans don’t dive deep into politics because it’s nasty, complex and quite frankly, a circus. They don’t want to watch FOX or CNN, they just want to get through life and not be bothered. That said, round the clock anti-Trump propaganda has an effect one way or another. Droves of potential voters know nothing about Trump other than he’s “racist” and “corrupt” and has “ties” to Russia. Their knowledge of politics doesn’t extend beyond what they hear on the surface, and in many parts of the country the only thing to hear is “orange man bad”.

The anti-Trump coalition is counting on this uncertainty. Mueller’s investigation provided enough cloud over the midterms for Democrats to run ads talking about Trumps “ties” to Russia and how he’s being investigated. It’s the same play with impeachment.

Impeachment is just a way for Democrats to attack Trump and make up for their pathetic 2020 field. It’s become increasingly clear that impeachment was nothing more than a “**ck you” so progressives can always say that Trump was impeached; that he has an “asterisk”. This seriously seems to be all impeachment was about. “YEAH WELL OUR SLIM MAJORITY IN THE HOUSE VOTED TO IMPEACH TRUMP SO TRUMP WILL ALWAYS BE IMPEACHED. EVEN IF HE DOESN’T GET REMOVED HE’LL ALWAYS BE IMPEACHED. I BET THAT MAKES YOU REALLY MAD RIGHT”?!?!?!

That’s basically the spirit of impeachment. What did Trump do that was impeachable? Nobody can really seem to say, only that Trump commits a new impeachable offense every hour. We’re supposed to believe that the same people who spent over two years on Russian collusion have something on Trump regarding Ukraine? We’re supposed to believe they have something that Robert Mueller’s all star prosecution team couldn’t find? We’re supposed to believe that John Bolton magically has a smoking gun as impeachment stalls?

It’s all so pathetically transparent, and the far left really jumped the shark on this one. Even moderate liberals have started to acknowledge that the far left is out of control and needs to be reigned in. “Cancel student debt” and other selfish, unfeasible measures highlight that the Democratic party is an upper-middle class/coastal elite party. Gone are the days of Democrats being for the “working man”, they so clearly lay out what they think of Trump supporters on a daily basis.

In their arrogance they have become so warped, so out of touch that the only people who haven’t figured it out are themselves. They’ll be doubling and tripling down on rabid, life consuming anti-Trump politics right up until he wins more decisively in November. The impeachment trial is the peak of the throw everything at the wall in hopes of something sticking strategy the left has employed, and it’s failing miserably.

Americans don’t like dishonesty, and dishonesty is all the 2020 Democrats have presented. Even the apolitical will see through the scam come election day.

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