CNN Reaches a New Low by Openly Mocking Trump Supporters

CNN is fake news. We already knew it, but Project Veritas added some names and faces. While basically every mainstream outlet except for Fox News has always leaned left, their staunch opposition to Trump has made it much easier for the average viewer to see. Perhaps more than any other outlet, CNN’s credibility as an “objective” news source has gone up in flames. They’re no longer even trying to pretend that they’re not the “Orange Man Bad” channel. This goes a step further.

It’s cliche to talk about the disconnect between the “elites” and blue-collar Americans, but clips like this reveal exactly why this cliche exists. People like Don Lemon, Wajahat Ali, and Rick Wilson have no conception of what life is like for a large part of the country. This is not a display of anger towards Trump supporters, but one of contempt and mockery. Good luck walking this one back, CNN. Don’t even try to act outraged when someone says that you’re the “enemy of the people”.

In yet another amazing display of irony, those who hate Trump and his supporters the most are doing more to help his re-election efforts than anyone on the right could possibly hope to do. This is a recurring theme in the age of Trump, but this one may have a pretty strong impact. I continue to admire and be amazed at how this president can make his opponents go insane to the point of self-destruction. Making your enemies dumber and crazier is the ultimate superpower. Perhaps I admire it because I wish I could do it.

This clip should be in the next Trump campaign ad. Hell, get it ready for the Super Bowl ad. There may still be some people out there that don’t pay attention to the everyday ebbs and flows of the news cycle, and have no idea that the news isn’t actually news, but propaganda. If anything is going to cut through that, it’s this. Nobody likes to hear pampered, privileged, media elites denigrate working class Americans except other elitist douchebags. Knowing Trump and his skills as a persuader, he will put this to good use. This may not be one of Trump’s actual political opponents saying this, but this is every bit as much as a gaffe for the anti-Trumpers as Hillary’s “Deplorables” quote.

CNN has continued to dig its own grave. Going from being just a biased fake news network to one that openly mocks a large percentage of Americans is a good way to dig it faster. While the network has bashed Trump since his 2016 campaign, they have also been losing credibility among Bernie Sanders supporters. Amazingly, CNN has alienated the right AND the Bernie niche of the left (or populist left as it’s been referred to). CNN is the network of the DNC Establishment, and it’s never been more obvious. If and when the network implodes, it will be well deserved.

Tell us how you really feel Mr. President.

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