The Official Wuhan Virus Outbreak Numbers Are Almost Certainly Low


WUHAN, China – the Chinese government has confirmed 80 deaths from the recent Coronavirus outbreak that started in Wuhan. Wuhan, its encompassing province of Hubei and several other Chinese municipalities are currently under quarantine. World-wide, there are over 2,700 officially documented cases. This is a combination of confirmed cases in Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, France, Australia and the United States as well as official Chinese government statistics.

However, many are questioning the validity of China’s official numbers. Several disturbing videos have emerged from Wuhan in which people can be seen collapsing. In one video, a man in a hazmat suit can be seen laying on the ground.

Other videos show hospitals on the brink of collapse with dead bodies left unattended in corridors. Another shows a patient seizing in the hallway of a hospital. While these videos alone aren’t necessarily coronavirus related, it shows just how strained the medical situation in Wuhan is. A Wuhan citizen posted a video in which he ripped the Chinese government’s response and said that emergency services are practically non-existent.

“Calling (the emergency hotline), you can try it, it simply doesn’t get through. Just doesn’t get through at all. Always busy” the man said. He also stated that the government’s numbers on the outbreak have to be understated since those who have contracted the disease don’t always seek medical help. Due to the collapse of medical services, those who fear they have the virus simply can’t get help. The man also talks of fuel shortages and critical lack of other basic supplies.

The Chinese government also announced the rapid construction of two hospitals that could house up to 1,000 patients each. The hospitals are said to have a target date of six days for complete construction. Other images purport to show the Chinese government sealing off roads leading out of the quarantined areas.

The combination of these testimonials, videos and images have led many to believe that the Chinese government has thus far covered up the true extent of the outbreak. In a few weeks time, the true extent of the disease’s potency will be truly measured. How easy it spreads and just how lethal it is to the public at large still remains to be seen. However, it appears as though the official numbers are being under-reported.

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