Virginia Gun Owners are Under Fire from Tyrannical Leftist Governor

You might not have heard much about this, but Constitutional rights are under attack in Virginia. Governor Ralph Northam (yes, the blackface guy) has declared a state of emergency in anticipation of a pro-2nd Amendment protest near the State Capitol in Richmond. He reportedly expects “Charlottesville-style violence”.

We can have legitimate arguments about the 2nd Amendment, about what is protected and what isn’t. This post isn’t about my take on the 2nd Amendment. For the record, I am very pro-2A. This is about tyranny. This is about government overstepping its bounds to curb a fundamental human right, right here in America. 

This situation has been developing. Virginia has historically been a red state. Travel south of the DC suburbs, and you’re in the south. Over the years, urban sprawl has spread southward out of Maryland and DC, which has turned Virginia blue. Basically, DC leftists are making policy for the rest of the state, which is pretty conservative and couldn’t be more different than the progressive swamp-dwellers.

In the most recent gubernatorial election, Northam, who was labeled as moderate, defeated Republican Ed Gillespie. Northam caused controversy before the election with this attack ad (Northam’s campaign did not create the ad, but did not oppose its use). The same guy followed up his election by signing a radical pro-abortion bill, getting caught in a blackface scandal, and now this tyrannical assault on the 2nd Amendment. Clearly, Northam is a real winner. Way to go, Virginia!

Virginia may be a case study for how the rest of the country could look. It’s not about liberal vs. conservative, but about tyranny vs. liberty. One side believes it’s opinions are the ONLY acceptable ones. They believe that their tyranny is not only justified, but necessary. When that’s the case, going through democratic means is an impediment to the greater good.

Whether or not you’re a “gun person” isn’t relevant here. Are you a freedom person? If you are, this shouldn’t be acceptable. If Virginia came to the same conclusion using legitimate measures, I would disagree with the end result but could accept it. This is fundamentally un-American. To the counties and the people who have decided to take a stand against this, good for you. You have my support.

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