The Media’s Use Of “White Supremacy” Serves To Greenlight Far Left Extremists

Since Donald Trump’s election, far left extremists have been able to operate in broad daylight. Aided by an activist media that more quickly backs the Iranian regime than the President of the United States, black masked, communist wannabe’s who tweet about killing rich people are justified. Simply mention “fascism” and it suddenly becomes OK to become a violent extremist.

Of course, “fascism”, “Nazis” and “white supremacy” are words casually thrown around by far left extremists. They’ve devalued these terms so much that it’s clear this was done intentionally. These people never had any good faith in their arguments. It was never about stopping “hate” or “white supremacy”, it was about labeling their political opponents then having a smoke screen to become far left extremists. We’ve known this since the days of Antifa’s targeted violence against mainstream conservatives at Berkeley.

Yet, to this day, Antifa still receives excuses and justifications for their actions. Brainlets repeat the line “Antifa stands for anti-fascist” as if some 30 year-old, unemployed communist from Portland gets to decide who is and isn’t a fascist. Of course, once labelled a “fascist”, it’s OK for far left extremists to do whatever means necessary. Never an explanation required, simply utter one of the forbidden terms and the target is subject to mob doxxing, threats on employment and physical violence.

Now as we all know, anybody right of Stalin can be labelled as a “fascist” or a “Nazi”, thus becoming the subject of mob ire. Today’s pro-gun rally in Virginia is a perfect example. Governor “black-face” Northam is so concerned about “credible threats” of white supremacist violence that he declared a State of Emergency in the capital. Have we seen this “credible evidence?” Of course not, nor will we. The white supremacist tag has been applied with the intent of labeling the entire rally as such.

Northam is simply ringing the dinner bell for far left extremists to show up by the bus load and manufacture another Charlottesville. You know, like when the state issued a permit for the protesters to rally, then dispersed the crowd, marched the protesters into the counter protesters and finally blamed Drumpf for the ensuing violence? Yeah, that Charlottesville. This is more of the same. Northam wants something to go down so he can be on TV blaming Drumpf and white supremacy.

Now, those like Northam and the insidious corporate media will never stop with these tactics, but the individual extremists you encounter on the day to day can be engaged. It’s far past time for right leaning individuals to accept this viscous slander. Terms like white supremacy, fascism and Nazi ideology are serious matters, not insults that can be thrown around like candy.

If someone wants to tweet about how Trump supporters are white supremacists, push back at that. Nobody has the right to slander others with potential life wrecking accusations. We engage these people in good faith and they still label you as a white supremacist and want to threaten your employment. To hell with them.

These types of people are nothing more than socially acceptable far left extremists and many of them pass as “moderate liberals.” They are anything but, and this slander needs to end.

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