Arizona Senator Martha McSally Didn’t Take The Bait From CNN


Call it the Trump effect.

Senator Martha McSally (R-AZ) told CNN Reporter Manu Raju how she felt about his attempt to grab a quick quote, but more importantly, she didn’t back down.

Raju asked a fair, but loaded question: “Have you considered new evidence as part of the impeachment trial?”

McSally: “You’re a liberal hack”.

As I said in an earlier post, some in the GOP have followed Trump’s lead when it comes to dealing with the media and pressure from the left. No matter what she says, it’ll be spun to fit CNN’s preferred narrative. The people who voted for McSally want her to stand her ground, particularly when it comes to the topic of impeachment. The GOP has a rock solid case against impeachment, and the Democratic/Media industrial complex is trying to find any opening they can, even if it means making one up. McSally knows that and wasn’t having any of it. Republicans should not let themselves be swayed by any new “bombshell” allegations against Trump. The phone call between President Trump and President Zelensky of Ukraine was a “perfect phone call”. Trump acted within his purview to ask about corruption, any additional details are only meant to cloud the whole story by making Republicans and the public “think past the sale” (a strong persuasion tactic), which plays into the Democrats’ strategy.

Instead of the usual backtrack or “clarification”, McSally doubled down.

No backtracking, no apologies. A+ by the former fighter pilot. No matter what, the army of leftist trolls (it’s coordinated, change my mind) will spam her tweets. Republicans need to accept this as reality and not capitulate to these people. Trump showed us the way it’s done.

McSally’s responsibility is to her constituents in Arizona. She owes CNN absolutely nothing. If I were one of her voters, I’d be happy with my choice. 2020 will be a hell of a battle (hopefully not in terms of violence), and those who aren’t ready to play for keeps might as well find the kiddie game down the street.

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