Staten Island Yankees To Give Away Mini Trash Cans In Game Against Astros Affiliate

The intense fallout from the Astros cheating scandal continued today as Alex Cora was shown the door by the Red Sox. Cora – who was Astros bench coach during the 2017 World Series and alleged mastermind of the scheme – was fired just a day after the Astros parted with manager A.J. Hinch and GM Jeff Luhnow. This means that both the 2017 and 18 World Series winning managers are out of the job.

Formal justice is one thing, but we do live in the age of the troll after all. Trolling revenge is the best revenge and the Staten Island Yankees certainly got the memo on that. The team recently announced that the first 500 fans in attendance for their September 3rd match-up against the Tri-City Valley Cats will receive a mini trash can. This is of course a reference to the banging on trash cans that Astros players would do in order to indicate the sign.

Now I’ve gotta be real, that is the cheapest, shittiest giveaway I’ve ever seen. It’s so cheaply made that you’d think they’d be able to produce more than 500 of them. I’m sure the Chinese slave workers who will make these would much rather do that than make an iPhone. They should honestly just give the fans batteries because these are obviously just going to be thrown on the field. Let’s at least make it interesting.

I’m also curious to see if the Astros come up with a counter promotion. Maybe they’ll hand out Lakers jerseys to make the Yankees fans feel more at home? Time will tell. All I know is that this promotion has nothing on millennial night.

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