All I Ask Of Radical Leftists Is To Have The Balls To Own What Impeachment Is About

The official House vote on Donald Trump’s impeachment will take place today and it is expected that the motion will pass. The Senate will then move to squash the resolution and a trial won’t take place. At least if Republicans don’t betray their voters, that is.

No matter what happens in Congress, however, the writing is on the wall that impeachment will be a political disaster for the Democrats. Nancy Pelosi tried to stall this charade as long as possible because she has the political instincts to see how ham-fisted this all is. Nonetheless, the radical wing of her party chewed through the leash and brought us here. Both President Trump’s approval and disapproval rates have tied record bests since the inquiry began. The same poll also shows support for impeachment on the decline.

As voters reject this blatant abuse of power, Democrats are also switching parties. Representative Jeff Van Drew – who was one of the more vulnerable Democrats in Congress – announced last week that he is switching to the GOP.

The reality is that impeachment is something that only plays in deep blue, urban bubbles and on social media. Groups of people who never, ever surround themselves with those who think differently. Since before the election even began, the impression you’d get from deep blue belts is that 8 of 10 people hate Drumpf and that only brain-dead hicks support him. Of course these places don’t represent the entire country of 330 million, but that seems to be lost on the radical left. They have consistently called for Trump’s removal from office before they could even think of the crime he supposedly committed.

Then for more than two years, we endured the Mueller investigation. Trump’s detractors accused him of everything under the sun in regards to Russia. Members of Congress called him a traitor and assured us they had evidence of Trump collusion with the Russians. Media outlets had to offer numerous retractions, seeing as how sensational reporting based on foregone conclusions is the new industry standard. All day every day, the “Trump is a Russian asset” drum was beaten 24 hours a day for two years.

Then, Mueller finally came out with his report and found no evidence of Russian collusion. He did manage to find a half dozen or so instances of political jaywalking committed by staffers with his multi-million dollar team of Harvard lawyers, but nothing anywhere close to the grand, serious claims that started the investigation in the first place. Mueller even specifically stated that there was no illegal contact between the Trump campaign and the Russian government.

It was at that moment that we stopped hearing much about Robert Mueller. The cult of personality developed around him by rabid anti-Trumpers suddenly died down. “Russian collusion” is still uttered to this day by the most die-hard leftists, but most have simply moved on to putting orange man bad to a formal vote. Republicans listened on the Mueller probe, Lindsay Graham offered his support and kept an open mind, but the radical left never had any intention of playing fair or being civil. Their goal is to remove President Trump from office and, ultimately, stem the nationalist tide that he represents.

Anyone who followed the Mueller probe from the beginning knew it was just operation “get Trump at any cost”. Now, this is beginning to become clear to voters at large. They see that Democrats never had any intention of seeing where the facts led in regards to the Mueller probe, their minds were already made up. Trump is accused of a new grand, treasonous conspiracy every week and we’ve still yet to see receipts for even one.

The impeachment inquiry itself was started with an investigation into Trump’s supposed pressuring of the Ukranian government into investigating Hunter Biden. It was claimed that Trump threatened to withhold military aid if Ukraine did not comply and was widely reported that there was “quid pro quo”. Like Mueller, this also went nowhere, but Democrats are proceeding ahead on impeachment. On what grounds you may ask? One article for “abuse of power” and the other for “obstruction of congress”. After nearly 4 years of constant media scrutiny, a multi-million dollar FBI investigation with a seemingly endless scope and dozens of accusations of treason, the only thing they could put forward was vague, partisan mud.

So now that we’re here, I’d like to just say this in the most blunt way I know how. Can radical leftists have the balls to own what they’re doing instead of scheming and deflecting? We’ve spent years shooting down one baseless accusation after another only to have the same propagandists push lie after lie. Those who support impeachment hide behind legal technicalities, vague accusations and the lie that they want to “defend democracy” as they motion to remove a President from office simply because they don’t like him.

Impeachment was intended to be something reserved for things so egregious that a President simply must be removed from office, not bitterness over election results. It cannot be stated enough just how much damage this circus has done to the American Republic. Almost half the country has told the other half that they could care less about the election results and have sought to disenfranchise Trump voters since day one. Everyone knows that those screaming the loudest for impeachment never needed any evidence of wrong-doing before their minds were made up.

So just own it. Admit you have no respect for the constitution, admit you don’t care about any viewpoint but your own and admit that you want to destroy everything Trump supporters hold near and dear. No more hiding behind “I’m just saving democracy” as you support a soft coup.

The jig is up. All we ask is that leftists stand on their own two feet and say what this is really about, because the lines are drawn in the sand and the American people are fed up. Most Americans stay out of the political fray, but 2016 showed us that when they need to show up, they will.

Impeachment is already a political disaster for the Democrats and no matter what happens, so just own it.

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