Kamala Harris Drops Out, Democrats Respond with Epic Self-Own

In some of the more surprising news of late, Kamala Harris has dropped out of the 2020 Democratic Primary, citing low poll numbers and a lack of fundraising success for her campaign.

This was especially shocking due to the initial momentum she had after the first debate, where she landed a few punches on front runner Joe Biden, and briefly found herself as the odds-on favorite to win the nomination.

Those days are a distant memory. Since she had her breakthrough moment at the first debate, the Harris campaign has floundered. There are several likely reasons for this: she didn’t have a coherent healthcare plan, she often came across as painfully awkward, Tulsi Gabbard’s haymaker, she isn’t a good candidate, etc.

According to our friends in the media and some fellow Democrats, these reasons might as well be thrown out. It’s because Kamala Harris is a woman of color, duh. Apparently, Democrats are a bunch of racists and sexists!

Of course, we’re all used to the left firing out accusations of racism and other isms at Trump and his supporters, but throwing this at the whole democratic base before a single vote gets cast is rich, and absolutely beautiful to watch. MSNBC’s audience is primarily left-leaning, so imagine telling your liberal viewers that they’re racists and sexists for not supporting a candidate who laughs at her own jokes, changes her healthcare plan every week, and has locked up countless people for weed. Then again, maybe this is what the self-hating white people who watch MSNBC want to hear.


This is par for the course for the left. Anytime a woman or a person of color doesn’t succeed, blame invisible factors like racism and sexism. It’s convenient. Looking in the mirror and/or critically analyzing each candidate on their merits is much harder. (Fun exercise: pay attention to the media reaction when woman of color Tulsi Gabbard exits the race. Something tells me the treatment won’t be the same. Harris was one of their hand-picked candidates.)

This could and probably will become a self-fulfilling prophecy for the left. When you continue to invent reasons for your failure, you don’t fix the actual problems. The party that prays at the altar of diversity and inclusion is in panic mode because of how white the debate stage will look going forward. Maybe try not being so obsessed with factors that people have no control over? Just a thought. On another note, it’s hilarious that Pete Buttigieg’s status as a gay man and Elizabeth Warren’s status as a 1/1024 Native American woman isn’t appeasing the diversity police. They’re just white people. Live by identity politics, die by identity politics.

The Democratic ticket is an absolute disaster right now, but it has absolutely nothing to do with race and gender. Here’s their front runner:


Trump is terrified, you guys.


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