Kurt Suzuki and Ryan Zimmerman Better be Ready for Some High Heat from Woke Twitter

Since the evil no good racist sexist homophobic orange man became the leader of the free world, the tradition of sports champions visiting the White House has been clouded. So far, the uber-woke Golden State Warriors and the Philadelphia Eagles have not gone for the visit. Each NHL and MLB championship team, as well as college championship teams have attended and met with President Trump. In the era of Trump, players and teams who announce their refusal to go are praised nonstop by sports media figures, and those who attend are scolded for “normalizing” the Trump presidency.

Enter the 2019 World Series champion Washington Nationals. Clearly, these swamp-dwellers don’t have to travel far to see Mr. Trump. Closer Sean Doolittle was the most vocal in his refusal to go, citing every other left-wing/mainstream media-engineered talking point about Trump not being inclusive, Trump’s Charlottesville comments, and his “mocking” of a disabled reporter (both of which have been debunked).

During the visit, two players made the biggest waves. Catcher Kurt Suzuki put on a MAGA hat (you know if a backup catcher is trending on Twitter, something went down).

Trump seen here doing his best Joe Biden impression. There are also some good Titanic memes online.

Also, while presenting the ceremonial jersey to the President, longtime Nationals star Ryan Zimmerman was very complimentary in his remarks to Trump.

Enjoy the anguish in the comments. I sure did.

By the time you read this (or perhaps even by the time this is published), the woke mob may get to these two. They’re definitely trying to.

And then we have this deranged, now deleted take from one of Trump’s most deranged trollsdownload-2019-11-04T181136.119-1024x448

Imagine getting this worked up over a red hat.

This may seem trivial, but if neither of these guys apologizes or walks this back, it would be a huge step in the right direction. Woke outrage Twitter mobs have way more power than they should over our society and culture. It would be nice if someone in the public eye, be it an athlete, musician, actor, or whoever didn’t cave to the mob. It’s why cancel culture exists, and will continue to exist.

These people deserve their freedom of speech to say these things, and I have my freedom of speech to tell them that their ideas and opinions suck. I don’t have the platform that a professional athlete has, but I hope that people who find themselves in the same position that Kurt Suzuki and Ryan Zimmerman are in right now decide to stand firm in the face of bullying and intimidation from people who do nothing but whine on Twitter. People who feel empowered to make comments like I posted above should be stood up to. They do not deserve to have power or control over anyone. Hell, they don’t have any over themselves.

On a side note, I’m no Nationals fan, but I may find myself secretly rooting for these guys, as long as they don’t bow to the crazies.

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