Jorge Masvidal Calls Trump A BMF, Says Fighting In Front Of The President Is An Honor

UFC 244 at Madison Square Garden is shaping up to be everything fans had hoped for as fight day has finally arrived. Just about every bout on the main card would at least headline a Fight Night, with the headliner between Jorge Masvidal and Nate Diaz being the biggest fight the UFC could make in 2019. While not a title fight, the title of “baddest motherfucker in the game” is of course on the line and the build-up to tonight’s event at MSG has been dominated by talk of who will seize the “BMF title”.

We have never heard, and will never hear again, the words “bad” and “motherfucker” used so many times in the same sentences. The Rock will be on scene to present the BMF belt to the winner of what fans are anticipating to be an entertaining war for the history books. There’s no better fight to make than two of the sport’s most prolific brawlers from each of the country’s two respective coasts. Two media attention-grabbing street fighters going head to head at the top of a stacked card simply will deliver, and fight day has finally arrived.

The BMF fight has generated so much hype that President Trump will reportedly be making an appearance. Trump frequently attended high profile boxing and MMA matches before entering the political arena and was also an early supporter of the UFC. When Senator John McCain led an effort to get the promotion banned in 2001, calling it human cock fighting”, Trump stepped in. Nobody would sanction UFC fights except for Trump, who allowed UFC 30 to be held at his Atlantic City venue. Dana White and Trump remain close to this day and the two just recently had a three hour dinner.

So as to be expected, Trump’s appearance has generated buzz around the sport. Israel Adesanya said that it would be “cool” to have the President of the United States on hand for an event. Kevin Lee, who is fighting on the card, said that although he’s a supporter of Bernie Sanders, it is still nice to have a sitting President in the building.

Jorge Masvidal had the most to say, however, and even went so far as to call Trump a BMF himself. “No matter what your views are on Trump as a President, the guy’s a bad motherfucker, man. The money that he’s made, the obstacles that he’s conquered, he’s a bad motherfucker in his own way, you know? No matter what your views are” Masvidal said to the media on Thursday. He also stated that fighting in front of the President is an honor and mocked Colby Covington as well.

It’s honestly refreshing to not have the generic “orange man bad” type bullshit going on here. What Masvidal said is a breath of fresh air and anyone should be able to get behind it. No matter what one’s personal views are, having a sitting President of the United States attending the event is a huge deal and should be treated as such. Whether it’s Obama, Trump or Beto (lmao), the office commands respect. The fact that he said it in such a Masvidal-esque way is the icing on the cake that proves why him vs. Diaz was the right fight to make for MSG.

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