Trump Derangement Syndrome in the Media Continues to Get Worse and More Obvious


These last few days have undoubtedly been very good for President Trump. His would-be Democratic challengers continue to fall all over themselves. Just watch this clip from Real Time with Bill Maher to see exactly what I mean.

If his opponents ongoing incompetence wasn’t enough, the Trump Administration claimed a huge victory with the successful military raid that took out the leader of ISIS, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. While this didn’t have the same gravitas as the famed raid that took out Osama Bin Laden in 2011, it may be equally important to the safety and security of the world. One would think that at least some credit would go to the Commander in Chief as it did when President Obama ordered the SEAL Team 6 raid in 2011, but they’d be wrong.

We’re now seeing a special variation of Trump Derangement Syndrome take over the media. Instead of the typical hair on fire, orange man bad hysterics, we’re seeing something a little different.

Whenever Trump does something good (it is hard to say how much credit a president deserves for authorizing a mission to take out some bad guys, however) the TDS media comes with the *insert Trump Administration accomplishment* happened in spite of Trump. Never have we seen that more than we are right now. The mental gymnastics are remarkable.


For those who haven’t heard the back story, Trump said that al-Baghdadi died “whimpering and crying”. Naturally, every word the President says has to be dissected down to the atomic level because journalism and speaking truth to power or something like that. For our TDS suffering friends like Max Boot, might I suggest that you’re focused on the wrong things? Seriously, everything these folks do is in the pursuit of pushing an anti-Trump narrative. Nothing else to it but trying to push their irrational hatred of the President on the people who uncritically consume content from mainstream media sources.

As if that weren’t enough, the Washington Post and Bloomberg both announced the death of the world’s most wanted terrorist in a rather curious way.

wapo tweet


Quite odd for American media companies to speak so glowingly of someone so objectively evil. I get media bias, but what the hell is this?

This led to some pretty entertaining tweets under the hashtag #WaPoDeathNotices. Check it out for some good laughs.

Speaking of media idiocy, another fake controversy was created out of thin air. During the raid that took out the leader of ISIS, a military dog was largely credited with flushing out and then cornering him, causing him to detonate explosives which killed him and 3 children. The dog was injured, but has recovered, and has been appropriately celebrated as the hero he is.

After a few days, Trump fired off another tweet that contained a photoshopped picture from The Daily Wire. s

The reactions to what was clearly a meme that the President posted at an attempt to be fun and lighthearted are mind boggling. Apparently, some in the media made it a point to fact-check Trump, and “call him out” for posting a doctored picture.

Apparently, the NYT thinks its own readers are morons. They might be onto something.

This is another example where the only two possibilities are that the reporter and editors are really stupid, or trying to mislead their readers. I’d be shocked if someone who works at that level could be that much of an idiot. If Trump wanted to mislead people with this tweet, I think he and his team would have done a better job with the photoshop. It’s obvious to anyone with decent eyesight.

Brave journalistic firefighter Jim Acosta also speaking truth to power here. How fortunate we are as Americans to have ol’ Jimbo doing the Lord’s work by asking today’s most important questions.

At this point, it’s crystal clear just how partisan the media has become. If you’re making it a point to use this latest Trump Administration accomplishment to somehow bash Trump, and will go so far as to call this terrorist scumbag anything but a terrorist scumbag (austere religious scholar LMAO), you’re not bringing the news to the American people. You’re a hack who suffers from terminal TDS. And with each attempt to oust the Orange Man, it’s becoming clearer and clearer that it is politically motivated and nothing else. If you media hacks really hate being called “the enemy of the people”, stop giving Trump so many reasons to do so. We’re watching the media twist itself into a pretzel just to avoid admitting that Trump and his Administration did something right.

As you’ve seen here in the past, Trump may have already served his purpose. We may all have different definitions of what constitutes “draining the swamp”, but there’s no doubt that with every biased and delusional mainstream media report, more and more people are seeing reality for what it is. Political and media elites hate Trump for plenty of reasons, but this has to be the biggest one.


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