Complete Sixers 2019-20 Season Game-by-Game Predictions


The Sixers head into this season with greater expectations than ever before. This is far and away a more complete team than the one from last season’s opener and as a result, fans are expecting results. To that end, Elton Brand took an outside the box approach to this past off-season and played to the team’s strengths.

The addition of Al Horford will allow Joel Embiid to pick up crucial rest time and not be burned out come postseason play. Brand also made sure that the Sixers have a fortified bench with Mike Scott, James Ennis, Kyle O’Quinn and rookie Matisse Thybulle. All these players add to the Sixers’ identity as a potentially conference best defense, which is a smart move.

So with the season getting underway this evening, I figured it would be fun to make game by game predictions for this revamped Sixers squad.


vs. Boston- W

@ Detroit- W

@ Atlanta- W

vs. Minnesota- W

@ Portland- L

@ Phoenix- W

@ Utah- W

@ Denver- L

vs. Charlotte- W

vs. Cleveland- W

@ Orlando- L

@ Oklahoma City- W

@ Cleveland- W

vs. New York- W

vs. Spurs- W

vs. Heat- W

@ Toronto- L

vs. Sacramento- W

@ New York- W

vs. Indiana- W

Month Record- 16-4

Season Record- 16-4

The Sixers are bound to start the season off strong with an easy schedule. Half of their first twenty games will be against teams who did not make the playoffs last spring. The toughest part of their schedule I see is four west coast games early on where they will have to play against three playoff teams in Utah, Portland, and Denver.

Portland will be a tough road game, but the Sixers should be able to escape with a W in either Denver or Utah. Once they clear through that, most of November is fairly easy with multiple games against the Knicks and Cavs. The record looks like a stretch to start the season but when you break each game down it’s certainly possible.

The key games to watch for this month are Boston in the season opener, the three away games out West and the home game against San Antonio.


vs. Utah- L

@ Washington- W

vs. Cleveland- W

vs. Toronto- W

vs. Denver- L

@ Boston- L

vs. Pelicans- W

@ Brooklyn- W

vs. Miami- W

vs. Dallas- W

vs. Washington- W

@ Detroit- W

vs. Milwaukee (Christmas Day)- W

@ Orlando- W

@ Miami- L

@ Indiana- W

Month Record- 12-4

Season Record- 28-8

Overall, the team’s performance should be similar in December to the beginning of the season. There are several interesting home games including the Christmas Day game against Milwaukee. That was easily the toughest game to pick so far but I figured with a Christmas Day atmosphere, they should be able to hold off the Bucks.

The squad then plays both Utah and Denver once again, this time at home, and I chose to split the season series with both those teams. Both are potential Western Conference contenders, so a split would be more than serviceable.

The re-match of last year’s opening playoff series with the new-look Nets could be an interesting game but with KD likely out the whole season, I doubt the Nets can pick more than one game off of us. The key games to watch this month are the home games against Milwaukee, Utah, Denver, and Toronto as well as a meet-up with our old pal Jimmy Buckets in Miami.


@ Houston- L

vs. Oklahoma City- W

vs. Boston- W

@ Dallas- W

@ Indiana- W

vs. Brooklyn- W

vs. Chicago- W

@ New York- W

@ Brooklyn- L

@ Toronto- L

vs. Los Angeles Lakers- W

vs. Golden State- W

@ Atlanta- W

Month Record- 10-3

Season Record- 38-11

To no surprise, the Sixers should continue to dominate and breeze through January. They start the new year in Houston where they have had a tough time winning in the past. Houston is an interesting team this year and if they can avoid issues around Westbrook they should be able to contend. After that, the rest of the month is mostly mediocre teams till the stretch against Toronto, Los Angeles, and Golden State. Toronto is gonna be tough to win on the road but I think the Sixers will split the season series with the Warriors and Lakers.

The key games to watch for January are obviously the back to back to back I mentioned as well as the two games against the Nets and Kyrie Irving.


@ Boston- L

@ Miami- W

@ Milwaukee- L

vs. Memphis- W

vs. Chicago- W

vs. Los Angeles Clippers- L

vs. Brooklyn- W

@ Milwaukee- W

vs. Atlanta- W

@ Cleveland- W

vs. New York- W

Month Record- 8-3

Season Record- 46-14

The All-Star break will cut down the number of games and allow the team to prepare for their second West Coast trip in early March. Entering the All-Star break, the team would theoretically have a 39-14 record, which would put them on pace to have a win total in the lower 60′.

The team has two games in February in Milwaukee before and after the All-Star break. These should be battles, but I think the Sixers will find a way to escape with a win in one of those games. The hardest game for me to pick has to be at home against LA. They could be a dangerous team and the Sixers don’t match up with them very well.

The key games to watch for are the two games in Milwaukee, at Boston and Miami to start the month, as well as the back to back against Los Angeles and Brooklyn.


@ Los Angeles Clippers- W

@ Los Angeles Lakers- L

@ Sacramento- W

@ Golden State- L

vs. Detroit- W

vs. Indiana- L

vs. Washington- W

vs. Toronto- W

@ Charlotte- W

vs. Atlanta- W

@ Minnesota- W

@ Chicago- W

vs. Phoenix- W

vs. Portland- L

vs. Houston- W

Month Record- 11-4

Season Record- 57-18

March is, in my opinion, the most difficult month for the Sixers in 2020. To start off, they will have to travel out west and play three games against solid playoff teams. If they can find a way to even win two out of those three games, that would be huge. After that, the schedule eases up and they play several games against non-playoff teams from last year.

The final two games at home against Portland and Houston will be games to watch to see if they can handle possible Western Conference contenders. Overall, if they can win even 10 games this month, I’ll be satisfied.


@ Washington- W

vs. Orlando- W

vs. Milwaukee- W

@ San Antonio- L

@ New Orleans- W

@ Memphis- W

vs. Charlotte- W

Month Record- 6-1

Season Record- 63-19

The Sixers conclude the season on a light schedule with several rebuilding teams, but do have a final matchup with Milwaukee at home which could determine who gets home court in the Eastern Conference.

The final, end of season record if this pans out would be 63-19. Overall, I think the max wins are probably 66-67. I tried my best not to give them too many wins, because obviously, they’ll go through cold streaks and there will be some games where the opposing team just has a hot night. Either way, this is the best team I think the franchise has ever fielded. So buckle up Philly, and get ready for one hell of a ride this year.

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