We’re Watching Re-Runs Of ‘Orange Man Bad’ At This Point

Even those not overtly involved in politics have probably heard “Trump” and “impeachment” in the same sentence. Since before Donald Trump was even sworn in as the 45th President of the United States, far left extremists and bitter establishment Republicans have vowed to impeach. For 2+ the public was assured – by top officials in intelligence agencies, high ranking members of Congress and widely distributed members of the media – that the orange man colluded with Russia to steal the 2016 election.

In the early days of the Mueller probe, there was nonstop coverage detailing Trump’s supposed connections with Russia. Day in and day out, the same politicians, pundits and verified Twitter users covered this alleged treason. The conspiracies grew more and more grand, but to this day, there has been no evidence linking the Trump campaign to the Russian government. Robert Mueller himself even stated as such during a press conference.

As absurd as a far reaching conspiracy involving Donald Trump and the Russian government sounds to objective people, “Russiagate” is far from the only time we’ve been assured that Drumpf is finished. There have been so many “we’ve got him this time” moments that it’s almost impossible to list them all. Stormy Daniels, the death of Jamal Khashoggi, a tape of Trump supposedly saying the n-word, the rape fantasy lady, Michael Avennati’s absurd claims. The list goes on and on. Do you even remember all of these? Because even if you don’t, there are 10 more that haven’t been listed.

Generally, the formula stays the same. The orange man is bad, the same chorus of rabid Trump haters ensure everyone else that they’ve got him this time, and things stay this way for about two weeks, maybe more if the orange man is REALLY bad, before a new “scandal” arises.

The latest bombshell sure to sink Trump’s presidency is the President’s withdrawal from Northern Syria, which led to a subsequent invasion by Turkey. In one of the more strange events of the Trump era, the same liberals who swore that George W. Bush was Satan incarnate are joining with Bush era neo-cons to demand war in the Middle East. All values, positions and beliefs are put on hold when it comes to an orange man bad session, and this time is no different. Why is the orange man bad? Who knows, he just is. Also there’s always a vast conspiracy involving Trump towers in *insert whatever region currently involved in said orange man bad scandal*.

At a certain point you’ve just gotta admire the audacity of these people. They truly believe that every baseless conspiracy they push is stone cold fact and that nobody is catching on. They’re so blind that they think nobody is going to ask questions when the architects of the Russia hoax unquestionably shift to another orange man bad hoax whenever the previous one loses steam. I mean, if they were certain that Trump committed treason and colluded with Russia, wouldn’t they not stop until that was uncovered? Wouldn’t Mueller’s declaration not be enough? I mean, we were all assured of a grand conspiracy with Russia, so where is it? The answer is that it never existed. So if that’s the case, how come the same people are given credibility next time?

Because right now, every baseless accusation against Trump is reported as a fact. After dropping Mueller’s name every day for two years, he becomes irrelevant at the drop of a hat and there is a new conspiracy involving Drumpf within a week. I’m not kidding. Lately it seems as though there’s a new conspiracy involving Trump, business interests in a foreign country and foreign policy related to said business interests, every **cking week. Whenever the new “bombshell” drops, the previous wide reaching conspiracy is suddenly forgotten about.

Whistle blower/Ukraine scandal fizzles out? Suddenly the vast conspiracy involving Trump business interests in Ukraine doesn’t exist. At the same time, there’s magically a new conspiracy theory involving Trump business interests in Turkey that will SURELY lead to impeachment. The same crowd who assured the world that Drumpf was guilty of ___ one week will suddenly shift to the new scandal at a moment’s notice. Convenient isn’t it?

It’s almost like there is no vast conspiracy involving Donald Trump. Maybe, just maybe, there’s a-lot of people who don’t like him and want him gone. They don’t like his attitude, his policies, or the way he carries the office, and want him removed. But rather than defeat Trump in an election, this crowd can only manufacture reasons as to why his removal needs to happen right this second. It’s old, and everybody who isn’t consumed by Trump Derangement syndrome can see what this is by now. It is, and always has been, operation get Drumpf at any cost. Impeach Drumpf first and invent the crime later. This has been the play since day one, and the people pushing these increasingly insane conspiracies are completely oblivious to the fact that nobody is buying it anymore.

Want proof? A majority of midterm voters stated that they believed the Mueller investigation was politically motivated. Keep in mind that this was before Mueller disclosed his findings to the public. If voters were starting to see it then, what do they think now?

Trump’s detractors are running re-runs of orange man bad at this point and you have to live under a rock not to see it. There are plenty who despise Trump but can admit that his most extreme critics are only helping his re-election campaign. However, they appear to be in the minority. As the election draws near, orange man bad scandals are becoming increasingly bizarre, frequent and baseless. They are quite literally throwing everything at the wall in hopes that something will stick, and it won’t.

As Tim Pool said in this brilliant tweet, the orange man can only be bad so many times before we’re just watching re-runs. Truer words have never been spoken.

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