CNN: The Fake News Factory We Already Knew It Was

James O’Keefe – journalist and founder of Project Veritas – proclaimed recently that he had some damning finds regarding CNN.

As of Monday, the wait was over. Project Veritas released their findings for the world to see. Former CNN contractor Cary Poarch, who worked at CNN’s Washington D.C. Bureau, wore a hidden camera and caught some very damning evidence of the corruption and dishonesty that has infiltrated CNN’s reporting. 

As of now, only parts 1 and 2 of the findings have been released.

These findings come as no surprise to most anyone reading this. We know that CNN is a left-leaning anti-Trump news network. However, there are some very interesting dynamics behind this sentiment, and now we have the audio to prove it.

For starters, CNN President Jeff Zucker has ties to Donald Trump going back to The Apprentice, and since then has not been a huge fan of The Donald. There’s a personal vendetta at play, and several CNN employees who regularly interact with Zucker attest to that in the video. 

In addition to Zucker’s personal distaste for the President, there is also a weird sense of guilt on display. Several employees who were filmed acknowledged that CNN created Trump. They boosted him during the Republican Primaries in 2015 and 2016 for ratings, and the chickens have come home to roost. Once they created the monster, they couldn’t kill it.

There were some other observations that are noteworthy. There is frustration among employees with the 24/7 TDS infused news cycle. Believe it or not, there are some legit journalists at CNN who actually want to be journalists. Sadly for them, Zucker is too hung up on trying to take down Trump. It seems to be an obsession.

There is audio of Zucker referencing “conspiracy nonsense” from Fox News being “deeply embedded in American society”. He mentions Republican Senator Ron Johnson as someone who has been influenced by said Fox News conspiracies. Oddly enough, the example Zucker cited is not from Fox News, but was from Politico. It’s somewhat complicated for me to explain here. Journalist Tim Pool breaks down this and other findings from Project Veritas in the video below. He also provides some telling stats and data on declining trust in the media.

This shows an utter lack of self-awareness, and suggests that many of these mainstream outlets buy into each others’ bullshit, therefore losing touch with reality. Talking about Fox News conspiracies when your own network pushed the Russian collusion story for over two years is next level hypocrisy. Often, even supposedly “unbiased” outlets don’t seem to care about fact checking and journalistic integrity.

This is a bad look for ABC. They either deliberately used this video to mislead their viewers, or are just plain inept. Both are unacceptable for a major media company.

On the day of the most recent Democratic debate, part 2 of the Project Veritas exposè surfaced. Video showed CNN employees talking about the candidates CNN liked and disliked. The consensus was that CNN likes Elizabeth Warren and some of the more establishment candidates, and dislikes Tulsi Gabbard because she doesn’t toe the party line. Here is an example of CNN engineering the debate in favor of Warren. This is either bias or extreme ineptitude.

I look forward to seeing how much of an impact these new findings make. As I said, I don’t think it’s surprising to many people that CNN is a left-wing fake news repository, but perhaps it’ll wake up a few more people. As with every Project Veritas exposure, there are always people trying to discredit their findings as another right wing conspiracy theory, but they have illuminated many instances of corruption in Big Tech and in other powerful organizations, and much of what they have reported has been confirmed as fact. We should be fact checking everything we see in the media today, no matter what it is (even this!). But it is hard to argue with solid video and audio evidence. It confirms what many of us have believed to be true for a while. 

I’m optimistic that more and more people are realizing and will continue to realize that the media isn’t just reporting unbiased, unfiltered facts. I think that’s another valuable feature of the Trump presidency. Sunlight is the best disinfectant, and when corruption and bias are exposed, people can begin to make more informed opinions.

I believe bias and corruption in Big Tech and Corporate Media are some of the most important issues of our time. We literally live in a world where a small group of motivated and agenda-driven actors are telling us all what is considered news. This can and will have heavy consequences on how our society functions. When this small group of people decides what we see and what is real vs. fake, we no longer are the ones in charge. A government of, for, and by the people won’t be a real thing anymore.

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