It Is Totally Possible That The Purpose Of Donald Trump Has Been Served

Americans have been bombarded with extreme political rhetoric for 3+ years and the saddest part is that everyone knows it’s only going to get worse. As the 2020 election nears, the bar continues to be lowered for what is civil political discourse and what isn’t. The Trump era has blown the lid off rational political discussion and has become a time marked by extreme partisanship. That isn’t to say that America wasn’t polarized beforehand, but I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that even the most apolitical of Americans have noticed a shift.

Since Donald Trump was elected, words like “treason”, “collusion” and “racism” have been thrown around like candy. Hardcore and murderous ideologies such as Nazism and white supremacy have been so trivialized that they’ve lost all meaning, which is scary to think about. United States border facilities that operated under the Obama administration have been labelled “concentration camps” in the name of cheap sound-bytes. Any and everything has been on the table in the name of stopping Donald Trump, and those of us who have been paying attention since the beginning have wondered whether the damage is irreparable.

How can a Republic stay united when un-elected bureaucrats and partisan, corporate media outlets have actively sought to overturn the will of the people? Because let’s just cut the BS and call the Mueller investigation and latest Ukraine “scandal” exactly what they are: a coup attempt.

For 2+ years, the American people were assured by high ranking intelligence officials, “trusted” media outlets and members of government that there was undeniable proof of the Trump campaign’s coordination with the Russian government. Ex CIA Chief John Brennan called Trump’s activity “treasonous” while Adam Schiff stated that there was “ample evidence” proving Trump’s guilt. Of course, Mueller’s report ultimately found no evidence of Trump’s supposed crimes, so “Russian collusion” was shelved for a time.

Yet now, as Trump continues to out fund raise the DNC by a good clip, the same people who were dead wrong about Russian collusion are ASSURING you that Drumpf colluded with Ukraine. They think the American people are dumb enough to look past the Mueller coup attempt, but they aren’t. Thanks to these charades, the Smollett hoax, the Covington Catholic online lynch mob, the Brett Kavanaugh smear campaign, and countless other dishonest attempts at silencing Trump and his supporters, the American people are more awake now than ever.

This Is All Bigger Than Donald Trump, And Trump’s Purpose May Have Already Been Served

What the election of Donald Trump has ultimately shown is just how committed the ruling class is to holding on to power not just in the U.S., but in Europe as well. Trump’s election has unleashed a tidal wave of right-wing/nationalist governments in Europe who feel emboldened by his victory. At the same time, far left interests and establishment Republicans have launched an all out war on Trump and most importantly, right wing movements as a whole.

Because ultimately, none of the far left rhetoric we’ve endured over the last few years is about Donald Trump, it’s about his supporters. The far left’s three year, unhinged meltdown about Trump isn’t about the man himself, but what he represents. That’s why degenerate filth like Rashida Tlaib feels comfortable enough to be openly racist against whites, it’s why the internet was ready to skewer the Covington teens before any facts were gathered, and it’s why far left militants are increasingly letting the mask slip and just declaring that they want violence. The entire political landscape has shifted in the western world, and a-lot of it is thanks to Trump.

Without Donald Trump, we never would have known just how far the ruling class was willing to go in order to keep a hold on power; how much they truly despise any opposing thought while projecting that on Trump supporters. We never would have known that the federal law enforcement agencies we look up to for protection were running political hack-work and spying on presidential candidates.

Trump’s supporters don’t look at the Mueller investigation and latest coup attempt as attacks on Trump, but attacks on them. They see the blatant attempt at silencing their votes and are emboldened by it. It’s the same thing with extremist members of Congress and extreme rhetoric on social media. It’s about them, not Trump.

So even if Donald Trump loses in 2020 (he won’t at this rate), his purpose has already been served. The “conservative movement” has been cleared out of grifters, neo-cons and closet leftists. Trump’s supporters now know what their leftist peers and institutions think and what they’re willing to do in order to silence them, and that cat isn’t going back in the bag.

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