DeMarcus Lawrence Refusing An Autograph To A Kid In A Giants Jersey Was A Power Move


What DeMarcus Lawrence did on Sunday was a power move to say the least. After kicking the shit out of the Giants to the tune of 35-17, Lawrence refused to sign a jersey for a kid decked out in Giants gear. “Get the right jersey son” he said shaking his head.

Ruthless, but necessary.

Wanna know why it was necessary? It was necessary because DeMarcus Lawrence saw through the con. If you watch the video above, it can be seen quite clearly that an adult pushed the kid in Lawrence’s direction.

Sadly, I’ve seen this go down too many times. There is absolutely no doubt that if Lawrence signed that jersey, it would have been on eBay within 24 hours. Fat guys in Walmart polos and decade old New Balances have turned autograph seeking into a professional industry. As a result, athletes have to be cautious about who they sign for.

It’s so bad that if you take a look at where autograph seekers generally gather, there won’t be a single kid in sight. You’ll only see greasy adults stalking athletes at hotels, restaurants and outside the stadiums after a loss. Is there anything more pathetic than a grown man chasing an athlete through the streets of New York while begging him to sign an authenticated jersey that cost no less than $200? No, the answer is no.

The worst part about these clowns is how they’ve ruined it for actual innocent kids who just want to get a creased up baseball card signed by their favorite athletes. Jamie Moyer used to sign autographs for Phillies fans for what seemed like an hour prior to games, and as a young kid who idolized the Phillies, it meant a-lot.

Sadly though, the Walmart polo brigade will routinely use kids as props in order to get athletes to sign things. This is why athletes are increasingly skeptical of signing anything, and it’s hard to blame them.

“Mr. Wentz! Mr. Wentz! Please sign Mr. Wentz!”

I’ve had it with these jerk-offs, and so has DeMarcus Lawrence. Think that “Mr. Lawrence, will you please sign sir” was genuine? The push from the adult almost assures that it wasn’t, and I’m pretty sure Lawrence saw that. The odds are that this kid was racking up autographs for an adult who sells them on eBay, I’d put money on it. This Oliver Twist routine doesn’t work on me, or DeMarcus Lawrence.

Also, why would a kid decked out in Giants gear want an autograph from a hated division rival? Even if the kid is just an innocent autograph seeker, this will serve as a valuable lesson. He will now learn to truly hate his division rivals, which is the way it should be.

So I don’t want to hear any fake outrage about this incident. DeMarcus Lawrence at a minimum taught a kid a valuable life lesson and at best, saw through a grand conspiracy perpetuated by some degenerates. Either way, not signing that jersey was the right call.

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