It’s Hard To Be A Bigger Loser Than Joe Walsh

Remember Joe Walsh? If you’re not on Twitter you probably don’t, and you should consider yourself lucky for that. Walsh is a former Tea Party congressman who has since gone full Bill Kristol. He can be found tweeting generic anti-Trump talking points and like all neo-cons, he loves war. He loves war so much that he called Trump a “traitor” after the Helinski summit.

Yup, Drumpf is a “traitor” for having a meeting with the Russian Government. It’s this type of unhinged rhetoric that has pushed this country to the brink. You expect this type of nonsense from the fringes of the left. Yet, the saddest thing about Joe Walsh is that he considers himself a conservative.

What does that mean? I’m not exactly sure honestly, because people like Joe Walsh make it a meaningless term. To Walsh, Justin Amash and other anti-Trump Republicans; their opposition to the President isn’t about policy, it’s about name recognition. Joe Walsh was never concerned with the matters he rambles on about now back in 2012, nor was Justin Amash so obsessed with fighting executive overreach during the Obama years. No, there’s money to be made for the pet conservative character whose relevance only extends to cable news circuits and Twitter.

Walsh is simply a “conservative” that woke Twitter can point to and say “see, even Republicans hate Trump”. In reality, Trump’s GOP approval rating currently sits at 94%.

Dinosaur Republicans like Walsh are simply a paid circus act. We know this, the powers that be know this, but does Walsh himself know? Apparently not, given his announcement today that he will be running for President in 2020.

What planet does this clown live on? Walsh honestly believes that an occasional pat on the head from leftists who despise him means that he’s a “voice of reason”. He says generic nonsense not because he believes it, but because he just wants to appear neutral no matter what. Having consistent beliefs and challenging the status quo takes conviction, something Joe Walsh seems to lack.

If it means saying something unpopular or taking on a tough political battle, so be it. That’s what being a leader is about, and Joe Walsh has none of those traits. He’s a grifter with no true support and the ratio shows that.

Far Left Extremists Also Hate Joe Walsh

Sadly though, what Joe Walsh types ultimately fail to realize is that the radical left despises them. You’ll never be forgiven for the sin of not 100% backing far left interests. Tulsi Gabbard is loathed by the progressive Democrats and media establishment, so why would an ex Tea Party congressman fair any better? He won’t and hasn’t.

Whenever Walsh gets out of line or says something that panders to the few “conservatives” who still listen to him, he gets bludgeoned into submission by woke Twitter. He has some real gems about Obama being a Muslim from Kenya, which makes his anti-Trump grandstanding even more hilarious. If he gets out of line, expect his handlers to crack the whip. It’s gotten to the point where he’s essentially begging leftists to forgive him for his past wrong-think.

Does it get more pathetic than this? Hating on your entire legacy and turning on longtime allies for a pat on the head from extremists. Which, make no mistake, woke Twitter’s extremism is well documented. These people will call you a “Russian asset” or a “white supremacist” at the drop of a hat once your usefulness to their cause has run out. Twitter is where all of AOC’s damaging rhetoric is given a platform, where the Russian collusion conspiracy theory was allowed to grow, and where leftists outnumber conservatives by a large margin.

It’s a losing game, so why not dig in? Years of bending over for the left did nothing for Walsh types, so why not back a President who is willing to fight? Because Joe Walsh has no ideology and no loyalty to anything but himself. He will say whatever gets him in the spotlight for the short term, and that’s it.

If that means backing people who despise you and your children, so be it. Far left radicals will dance on his grave like they did for David Koch. The bottom-line is that the far left is full of hate and filled with extremists. Losers like Joe Walsh are living in the past, and future generations will pay for their cowardice if the far left is successful.

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