10 Of Donald Trump’s Best Troll Tweets During His Presidency

Commander in tweet Donald J. Trump likes to tweet. Because of this, for better or worse, we all feel like we know his deep inner thoughts. There seemingly is no filter on what he might fire off on a daily basis. You never know who he will go after, or when he will do it. The President has his usual favorite targets, but every now and then someone else will find themselves on the receiving end of a Trump bomb.

Is this stuff childish and beneath the office of POTUS? Probably, but it’s goddamn entertaining.

I was inspired to compile a list of his best by a recent tweet directed at Michigan Congresswoman and “squad” member Rashida Tlaib. After having a solid laugh, I felt the urge to examine previous tweets and see how they all stack up. All of these tweets are from during the Trump presidency. Citizen and candidate Trump threw some real zingers (especially about Rosie O’Donnel), but it’s just funnier and more significant to think about the sitting POTUS tweeting this stuff.

It was tough to pick just ten and I’m sure there’s more, but here’s 10 of the best tweets to start.

“Perfect day for the women to march”

This tweet was sent on the day of the inaugural ‘Women’s March’ which took place on the 1-year anniversary of Trump’s inauguration. Anyone who knows anything about the Women’s March knows that it’s a radical intersectional feminist movement that is in direct opposition to Trump and everything he stands for. It also follows the long line of progressive organizations named after something seemingly mundane but is actually just very radical. Just because it’s called the “Women’s March” doesn’t mean it has anything to do with women. It’s just another political organization used as a battering ram by the radical left.

Want proof? The group’s official Twitter account has praised fugitive cop killer Assata Shakur.

Anyways, Donnie knew this. Sheep went after his tweet because they took the name “Women’s March” at face value. It’s a radical, Bolshevik-tier organization aimed at causing division, and Trump was able to shine a light on that via trolling.

Trump vs. Pocahontas 

Massachusetts Senator and 2020 candidate Elizabeth Warren is a favorite punching bag of the President, so I included multiple tweets. Only including one as part of this list would be a crime. Most of Trump’s tweets about Warren refer to her “Native American heritage” (or lack thereof). Just do a Twitter search of “from:@realdonaldtrump Pocahontas” and you’ll be sure to find some real gems. The “Warren 1/2020th” meme made its appearance after Warren’s DNA test results revealed that she had less Native American ancestry than the average American.

Big oof.

Trump vs. Rashida Tlaib

I can picture Donald sitting in the Oval Office with a huge shit eating grin on his face while typing this absolute gem of a tweet. This is well crafted, to say the least. Nice buildup, then the punchline. Comedic brilliance. 

This tweet is in reference to recent news of Israel banning representatives Tlaib and Ilhan Omar from entering the country due to their support for BDS (Boycott Divest Sanction) which is a direct assault on Israel’s economy and sovereignty. Tlaib hopped on Twitter to condemn Israel for not allowing her to see her grandmother (Israel did then grant her permission).

Tlaib wanted to cause Trouble and seek out drama. If not, she would have attended the official congressional delegation last week. Her goal was to go to Israel, undermine it and praise their enemies. Nice try, but anyone who isn’t an Islamist see’s through this scheme.

Trump Gets Hands On With Biden

With an assist from famed meme maker Carpe Donktum, Trump went after his potential 2020 nemesis immediately after Biden had to answer for his tendency to be a little……. handsy with the ladies, which had been dominating news coverage at the time. This tweet ensured that sleepy joe would have to continue to deal with this as part of his image.

Global Warming 

I couldn’t tell you what Donald Trump believes in his heart about climate change, but these supposed “educated” and “science-based” folks apparently can’t sense trolling and sarcasm. Once again, Trump pushes the right buttons, at least in terms of getting his critics fired up. They just can’t help themselves.

Trump’s tweets are a laser pointer that he uses to direct the media/Twitter wherever he pleases.

The CNN Gif

This seems like a lifetime ago relative to our constant, never ending news cycle, but one can’t help but remember the shit storm this started. Some in the TDS sufferer community spun this into “Trump is advocating violence toward journalists!” Imagine not being able to take a joke…

This tweet perhaps highlighted how partisan CNN and the mainstream media in general truly are. The network threatened to dox the creator while pushing the “Drumpf is threatening violence against journalists” line. “Now the user is apologizing, writing in a lengthy post on Reddit that he does not advocate violence against the press and expressing remorse there and in an interview with CNN for other posts he made that were racist and anti-Semitic” they said in their totally non threatening piece here.

The reality is that it’s a GIF, a fu***** GIF! Everyone uses them yet out of touch, elitist media outlets like CNN threaten to ruin someone’s livelihood over making it. If a multi-million dollar, international news organization threatening to dox over a meme doesn’t scare you, I don’t know what to tell ya.

Trump Takes A Headshot At Robert DeNiro

There can’t be a Trump tweet list without at least a few shots he’s taken at celebrities. Anyone who dares criticize the Donald is fair game, and some of Hollywood’s biggest names are no exception. DeNiro had previously gone at Trump for every problem under the sun (you know, as celebs like to do), so in typical Trump fashion, he hit back even harder with one of his favorite insults, low IQ individual.

Everybody Hurts

Again with the assistance of Carpe Donktum, Trump trolls the entire DNC after his last State of the Union speech. Perfect song choice and editing for this video. You can almost imagine the pain and disgust these folks are feeling watching the orange man talk about how amazing America is doing well. REM has since had this video removed from Twitter, because nothing says “fuck the system” like using copyright laws to squeeze out humble meme farmers.

For All The Naysayers

This video begins with Trump’s announcement in 2015 that he will run for President. After the announcement, the video shows clips of him being mocked left and right by pundits, politicians, and celebrities alike who all clearly thought his 2016 bid was a joke and a publicity stunt. The buildup toward the end of the video shows several outlets’ (The Young Turks, MSNBC, CNN) coverage of election night where Hillary was expected to win running away, and ultimately concluded with some epic meltdowns once the result became apparent. With this video, the Donald decided to remind us all how wrong so many people were, including myself.

He seems to tweet this out every few months, which is brilliant considering how blatant the bias becomes after watching it.

Trump 4EVA

Just a light hearted jab from the commander in tweet, but you know this makes some people’s blood boil. The TDS crowd already thinks that Trump wouldn’t voluntarily leave office if he were to lose in 2020, and that he’s a power hungry dictator, so this just reinforces that. Jokes are meant to make people laugh, but when your opponents can’t take them, they’re incredibly effective as well.

Just another example of Twitter warriors frothing at the mouth over some premeditated trolling.

So there you have it, ten of the orange man’s best trolling tweets. I’m sure there will be more come election day and I have no doubt that the theme will remain constant. Trump baits and the media bites. Simple enough?

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