WATCH: U.S. Attorney Bill McSwain Rips Larry Krasner

U.S. attorney William McSwain had harsh words for District Attorney Larry Krasner following yesterday’s shooting. The shooter – Maurice Hill – had a long rap sheet and ended up shooting six officers, none of them fatal. He was eventually convinced to surrender after a long standoff.

Following Hill’s surrender, many local media personalities and law enforcement officials had harsh words for the DA and Mayor Kenney. “Bad guys with guns shooting 6 cops in drug bust gone bad in North Philly. Wonder if we could blame @PhillyMayor and cop hater DA Larry Krasner for the daily shooting gallery” said Tony Bruno in a tweet. Others pointed out that Krasner could be seen smiling and cracking jokes as the shooter was still barricaded in the house.

Following the shooting, U.S. Attorney Bill McSwain got in on the criticism in a big way. A long time critic of Krasner, McSwain is one of many who has pointed out the growing murder and violent crime rates in the city of Philadelphia. The murder rate is up 3% compared to this time last year and several are looking Krasner’s way. A Soros backed candidate, Krasner has been very critical of the police and has been called “pro criminal” by his critics. Police Union head John McNesby has called Krasner “dangerous” and the DA’s supporters chanted “no good cops in a racist system” at a 2018 rally.

McSwain didn’t hold back when going after Krasner. “There is a new culture of disrespect for law enforcement in this city, that unfortunately is promoted and is championed by District Attorney Larry Krasner” McSwain said during a press conference. He also chastised Krasner for referring to police officers as “war criminals” and recently comparing them to Nazis. “This vile rhetoric puts our police in danger. It disgraces the office of the District Attorney” he went on to say.

You can watch the full clip above or here, courtesy of ABC News.

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