The Philadelphia Police Shooting Wall Of Shame


Social media has convinced everyone alive that they have cutting edge hot takes which need to be shared with the world. Oftentimes these takes are heavy on emotion, little on facts. People can say whatever the **** they want with seemingly ne recourse, and it’s getting old. It was no different today with the Philadelphia shooting.

As the shooting that left 9 Philadelphia police officers wounded – six from gunfire – was ongoing, mayor Kenney called for gun control. “Our officers need help, they need help with gun control” Kenney said to reporters.

Nevermind the fact that the shooting was ongoing as he was speaking, Kenney immediately politicized the event. No investigation has taken place yet, so how does Kenney know how the guns were obtained? The mayor also totally disregarded the long rap sheet of the suspected gunman, 34 year-old Maurice Hill. The alleged shooter has multiple convictions for drug offenses, which would make owning a firearm illegal. Still, Kenney opened his mouth for gun control, as did other politicians.

It should also be noted that Philadelphia DA Larry Krasner has been criticized for his lack of prosecution for those carrying illegal guns. How come Kenney and Krasner are so giddy to go after legal gun owners while letting the criminals skate?

Sadly, these goons weren’t the only politicians who politicized the violence. Kamala Harris turned the event into a stump speech on gun control during her appearance on Wolf Blitzer. While not mentioning the Philadelphia shooting once, Harris spoke at length about her plans for gun control.

As politicians immediately politicized the tragedy, so did the rest of the gun violence exploitation industrial complex. Shannon Watts immediately blamed the NRA because…reasons? Hard to see how a drug dealer shooting at cops has anything to do with the NRA, but we all know facts won’t get in the way of a good NRA hate session. Other blue checkmarks and anime profile pictures also blamed the NRA, so you know it’s real talk.

Other Twitter users took it a step further and used the shooting to trash cops in general and say things that only play in internet world. The ‘#BlueLivesMatter’ hashtag was hijacked by anti-police extremists and edge-lords tweeted their generic gifs. Basically any day on Twitter, but this time it involved Philly.

Judging by how close to the camera she took that photo, my guess is she weighs no less than 250 pounds. Anyways, the vitriol wasn’t contained to Twitter. North Philly residents could be seen in a video harassing and throwing objects at police officers who were responding to the shooting.

Just another day for the tolerant, woke left! Thankfully, all but one of the wounded officers has been released already. The scumbag has also been arrested as of 12:18 AM. Remember though: NRA and orange man bad. Did I get that right?

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