Fake Outrage Alert: ‘Call Of Duty’ White Phosphorous Edition

Time to take a peek at what’s new in the land of fake outrage. Today’s topic seems to be woke Twitter’s take’s on the upcoming Call of Duty game’s usage of white phosphorous as a kill streak. What is that exactly? White phosphorous is a material used in tracer rounds, smoke and incendiary munitions. It is regulated by international law as its use as munitions causes extreme danger to civilians.

Long story short, white phosphorous is pretty nasty stuff, but why are we even having this discussion? The answer is the same as its always been: internet woke points.

Twitter in particular has ushered in an age where everyone thinks they need to have some unique take on something. It’s basically the “hot take” generation of sports hosts except with everyday people. Instead of going with the flow and reacting to reality, Twitter is constantly clamoring to come up with the next trendy tweet. In a-lot of ways, this leads to some of the funniest content on the internet. On the flip-side, it gives rise to clout chasers and people completely out of touch with reality.

The worst side effect of all this is what I commonly refer to as “woke Twitter”. With no accountability, it isn’t hard for some to get completley immersed in Twitter world. The end result is a bunch of people competing for the most (in their minds) profound take so that the other intellectuals will be impressed. This includes being outraged about any and everything if it can be milked for internet recognition.

This time, our woke friends have chosen to target Call of Duty. COD appears to being going back to their roots with their upcoming installment titled “Modern Warfare”. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 are two of the franchise’s most highly regarded games. MW2 in particular is often regarded as the best installment of the franchise, an opinion I 100% back.

A big feature of that game was the use of kill streaks. Kill streaks had been in COD before but MW2 revolutionized the concept. There were predator drones, Harrier strikes, AC-130 gunship support and most importantly, a tactical nuke for a 25 kill streak. Kill streaks have been a staple of COD ever since, but woke Twitter chose now to go off.

Let’s look at the highlights.

These guys know that they’re talking about a game that has featured napalm, nerve gas and, as we stated before, fucking nukes as kill streaks in the past, right? All of those weapons constitute “crimes against humanity” and have caused severe civilian casualties in the past. Not to mention the fact that MW2 had a mission where the player is literally forced to shoot innocent civilians in an airport. Yet, this is the hill that the woke boys choose to die on.

Outrage culture has no regard for context or history, only a thirst for internet points that needs to be quenched. You can always tell when someone who doesn’t do any research nor have any background knowledge is on the outrage soapbox. If you don’t instantly think of something when you hear “no Russian”, your outrage card on this topic will be declined.

Graphic content in the video below, so be warned.

The worst part about this type of insanity is that by giving attention to it, common sense becomes blurry. Why are we listening to people feigning outrage about a video game? There are infinitely more violent games that contain plenty of sensitive content. These games are rated “Mature” for a reason, no less. The era of being lectured by Twitter hipsters about what adults can and can’t do is really getting old.

This next guy’s tweet was my personal favorite.

This dude basically sums up woke Twitter. He put so much effort into this tweet that was about a manufactured controversy. More than likely a player of the wildly successful Battlefield 5, a far superior and much more woke game than the “fancy paintball” on COD.

On that note, it’s good to see Call of Duty going back to their roots. This game looks pretty good and I’m highly going to consider making it my first COD purchase since “Black Ops 2”, which was underrated, just saying. I had been buying battlefield for years until they decided to jam the woke pill down everyone’s throat with bionic armed, British, female WW2 soldiers. That wasn’t even the kicker for me though. What made me not buy it was the developer doubling down by smugly telling people to “not buy it” if they don’t like the changes.

I took them up on that, as did millions of others.

Anyways, the white phosphorous non-controversy is just one of many in a long line of cringe-inducing woke Twitter fiascoes. Today it’s Call of Duty, tomorrow it’ll be white robots again. The cycle goes on and on.

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