President Trump’s Tweets Were Bait For An Activist Media, And It Worked

Yesterday, as he does every once in a while, President Trump dropped a bomb on the Twitterverse. It wasn’t a “normal” Trump tweet thread, but one that generated an insane, polarized reaction. These tweets – which targetted AOC and others- were clearly designed to do so, however, and the TDS was on full display. I expect the fallout from this thread to control the news cycle for the remainder of today, and maybe a few days into the future. 

Wow! 3 heavy hitters. A direct shot at the radicals in Congress that forces Americans to look into their absurd, dangerous rhetoric that has now led to violence.

Predictably, the media got the spin machine fired up. An opportunity to paint Trump as a “racist” is a piece of red meat to the activist media. Just take a look at Twitter trends (this screenshot taken around 7:45 PM, hours after these tweets).

Media and Democrats are quite fired up, considering these trends are still up. There’s also a “#SilenceIsCompliace” hashtag for the ultimate cringe-lords. Racism accusations, which are commonplace in the Trump Presidency, have been ratcheted up to insane levels. Obviously they have taken some of the message out of context (shocker), but Trump still wasn’t playing around. 

Trump – as well as most moderate Americans – are not fans of the absurd rhetoric of AOC and Ilhan Omar. He thinks that these ideas have no place in American government, and he’s right. Hell, what they do is more than disagreeing on politics. These women have been expressing their contempt for patriotism and patriotic Americans since day one.

Ilhan Omar has routinely talked about the U.S. as the source of the world’s problems in ways that makes Obama look like Ronald Reagan. AOC has compared ICE detention centers – which were open (and more active) during the Obama years – to Nazi concentration camps. As these women continue to spew their poison, far left radicals have now torn down the American flag at an ICE facility in Colorado and replaced it with the Mexican flag. Then, as discussed earlier, an Antifa-linked terrorist was shot and killed after throwing Molotov cocktails at an ICE facility. He was also armed with a rifle.

The perpetrator – Willem van Spronsen – can be seen in some of journalist Andy Ngo’s videos from Portland before he was attacked.

The Bottom-line Is That Trump Keeps It Real

So what exactly is the recourse when one takes a position that the country they represent is inherently flawed and evil? That goes beyond policy. So much focus has been placed on the “go back to where you’re from” part of the tweet that the actual message has been distorted. Typical of mainstream media and the left to cherry pick like this. 

Every time Trump makes a provocative statement, I always try to understand the strategy behind it. Trump operates in a different way than other politicians. There is a method to the madness (read Win Bigly by Scott Adams and check out Scott’s Twitter and Periscope). Tweets like these are calculated, not the random rantings of a madman. 

In addition to the leftist hysteria, there has also been some criticism of these tweets from folks on the right. To some, it seems that Trump may have helped reunify a very fragmented Democratic Party by attacking the least popular segment of the party. This argument definitely has some legitimacy. Nancy Pelosi, who has been at odds with these radical progressives, has come to their defense. Some of the more “establishment” conservatives, a la folks such as Meghan McCain, have fully condemned the tweets.

On the other hand, more ardent Trump supporters have pointed out that this is another example of Trump playing 4D, underwater chess while the rest of the country is playing checkers.

Think what you will, but think back to 2015-2016 real quick. What were Trump supporters saying about him then, before the election? The things I heard most often were “he says what everyone is thinking, but doesn’t have the courage to say”, “he punches back”, or “he’s not politically correct”. Let that sink in.

This is an example of the President Donald J. Trump that so many wanted. What the blue check brigade doesn’t understand, is that many people actually do agree with Trump’s tweet thread. Not because they’re all a bunch of racists and xenophobes, but because they feel slighted and disturbed by what these far left congresswomen have said. Most Americans don’t like when people, especially members of Congress, degrade our history, our flag, and our pride in our country. Who would have thought? 

Trump wasn’t done there though. After the initial thread, the President fired off a few more tweets later on.

Once again, Trump baits and the media bites. Forget talk of a “unified” DNC. There’s a reason why the word “racist” is in all caps. It’s because Trump is referring to AOC’s attacks on Pelosi, calling her a racist.

Once again, Trump uses the media’s obsession with everything he says to direct attention to the extreme rhetoric of AOC and her supporters. The more AOC let’s the mask slip, the more Trump exploits it. It’s hard not to say that AOC, Ilhan Omar and their allies in congress are more anti-American than pro; their own statements show that. Anyone being critical will discover this, just like they did in 2016.

Like then, the media and those who parrot everything it says haven’t figured out that their baseless attacks on Trump don’t resonate with his base. They resonate on Twitter, universities and other leftist echo chambers, but nowhere outside it. Plus, consistently comparing Trump to Hitler and freaking out non-stop for almost four years has created a bit of a “boy who cried wolf” situation.

Nobody cares about Trump’s tweets, but they do care about the quite blatant plan to elevate illegal immigrants at the expense of citizens. People see it, and Trump knows that.

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