People Who Don’t Shop At Home Depot Are Boycotting Home Depot

TDS is a powerful force of nature. It is so powerful that anything remotely associated with the orange man triggers a gut-level, irrational hysteria in those affected. Even Home depot isn’t immune to the wrath of the anti-Trump mob.

Our latest outbreak of Trump-related hysteria occurred when Home Depot founder Bernie Marcus announced that he will be donating to the Trump 2020 campaign. Marcus had also supported Trump in 2016, but don’t tell the mob. Predictably, the home and garden giant found itself in the center of a firestorm of lunacy.

While the founder of Home Depot can announce support for any candidate or political agenda he wants, it’s probably not the smartest business practice to alienate roughly half of your consumer base, at least in my opinion. That said, why the hell would any sane person care who he supports? Lord knows I’ve given my hard earned money to companies who support things I’m strongly opposed to. I really don’t care. Just give me a good product and I’ll happily give you my money. Might I just say that if you’re thinking about the Donald while shopping for a new lawn mower, you might want reconsider your priorities? Just a thought.

Anyways, one of the funniest aspects of any “boycott” or protest is the righteous indignation and the virtue signaling. People act as if they’re saving the country from the rise of the fourth Reich by telling the Twitter-verse that they’ll shop at Lowe’s instead.

People like the ones above enjoy the handful of likes and retweets they get, but little do they know that everyone else who reads their tweet thinks they’re a complete whack job. Also, what the hell do these people need at Home Depot? I doubt they’ve ever used power tools. I suppose they need something to hang up pictures of Che Guevara and Karl Marx in their studio apartments? Who knows man.

Once again, I’m sure most of these people have supported companies, athletes, actors, singers, etc. who’ve done some really bad shit. Hell, you could go on a Twitter rant saying about how you’ll never listen to Michael Jackson or R. Kelly ever again, and I wouldn’t blame you. But you don’t get woke cred for doing that since they’re not straight white men who aren’t down with whatever new social justice cause that appears out of thin air.

Also, what’s with the double standard on boycotts? When right-leaning people talk about boycotting Nike, United Airlines, Gillette, etc., they’re mocked and told that they’re fragile. When leftists announce to the internet that they will no longer be patronizing a store they never shopped at in the first place, it’s breaking news.

Now I hate to break it to you guys, but this TDS outbreak won’t end up hurting the president in any way, shape, or form. Home Depot’s stock is up after hours and this only hurts the left’s image. Hyper-partisan nonsense like this makes countless Americans see the radical left as a collection of individuals who will do whatever necessary in order to take power back from Trump, no matter how many eggs they crack on their way there. If I were a normal, sane democratic voter, I would absolutely be incensed at these people. 

Also, if you’re gonna defeat the orange man, this ain’t the way to do it. Virtue signaling about Home Depot, kneeling in front of the White House, flipping off Trump Tower, etc. isn’t flipping swing voters in Pennsylvania, Florida, or the Midwest.

None of this hysteria is good, but then again, I love writing about and laughing at all of these clowns. Don’t stop until 2024!

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