Trump’s Fourth Of July Celebration Causes Meltdown

For someone who loves bringing awareness to one of the most serious mental health issues of our time, Trump Derangement Syndrome, yesterday has provided me lots to work with. For some time, President Trump has been planning a Fourth of July celebration of epic proportions. The brave men and women in our lovely mainstream media have been in scramble mode to make this event out to mean something more than just celebrating the founding of our nation.

Whenever the media wants to create something out of nothing, they have several tactics they use to do so. One is trying to read Trump’s mind.

You get the point. “Drumpf is making the July 4th into a giant rally because orange man bad”! Another talking point is the cost of this celebration. The party that supports universal healthcare for illegal immigrants is suddenly worried about a fourth of July celebration meant to honor the military.

Of course, there’s so much irony here. Democratic members of congress are accusing Trump of politicizing this celebration️‍, while at the same time politicizing this celebration. It’s really amazing. All we heard about was how the orange man was going to have this dictator style military parade and it was nothing of the sort.

Some people have taken this even further. I think we all could have seen takes like these coming…..

Yup, there you have it. It doesn’t get much more hysterical than that. This from one of the more prominent writers at the totally unbiased New York Times. Fairly predictable though. After all, people have been comparing Trump to Hitler for a while now, and now that Trump is putting on a big spectacle involving the military and tanks as Hitler did during the rise of Nazi Germany, they make that intellectually lazy, yet very easy jump. Confirmation bias is a hell of a drug folks.

The way I see it (and I’m about to read Trump’s mind by the way) is that Trump is all about putting on a show. He’s extravagant. He’s a bit of a narcissist. That’s all this is. 

As a result of the extravagance, Trump’s Fourth of July celebration drew large crowds. But of course, the MSM tried the old “nobody showed up because everyone hates Drumpf” routine. Several tweets claiming to show small crowds were tweeted by propagandists (let’s just stop even dignifying them) on scene.

These mouth breathers seem to be leaving out the part about how it was, you know, raining. People typically tend to stay off the grass if it’s raining. The “pro science” crowd must’ve missed the Bill Nye episode (dude has gotta be a coke-head) about condensation.

Let’s take a look at the actual crowd size.

Once again, the media have made it plainly obvious that they have TDS. We could be talking about the celebration itself, our history, our military, or literally anything else remotely having to do with this holiday. Instead, they have only used it as a club with which to bash the President. Are they even trying to be objective anymore? At least they didn’t convince some protester to stand in front of a tank so a “journalist” could take a Pulitzer prize winning photo of it.

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