#RIP45 Twitter Trend Meant To Honor Tyler Skaggs Is Co-opted By Radical Leftists

When you’re dealing with groups who are completely blinded by an ideology, it needs to be understood that they will stop at nothing in their quest to advance it. To them, every act or event is political. They will do whatever necessary to advance their agenda at any opportunity. Why? Because to them, everything they do is in the name of “progress”. This is the same mentality held by the Bolsheviks, religious extremists and finally, the radicals of today.

This line of thinking is what has always made radicals dangerous. They’re always on the move, always subverting, always plotting. While the average American voter just wants to collect their paycheck and live comfortably, radicals want to burn everything down.

This radical, leftist element is fairly vocal on Twitter. It’s how we got to a point where a hashtag meant to honor the late Tyler Skaggs has become political. Skaggs – an MLB pitcher for the Angels – was found dead in his hotel room on Monday. His death shocked the baseball world and condolences poured in from around the league. The death of Skaggs dug up painful memories of another Angels player who died way too young, Nick Adenhart. Adenhart was tragically killed in a car crash at the age of 22 back in 2009, just hours after his fourth major league start.

So needless to say, the death of Skaggs has been a sore subject for many. To normal people this is sacred, but Twitter is a place where radical leftists are allowed to have free reign. As a result, a hashtag meant to memorialize Skaggs – #RIP45″ – has been co-opted by them.

Several tweets have already rolled in from users thinking the tweet indicated the death of Trump. More will pour in, more defenders of #RIP45 will be attacked and the like counts on these tweets will only increase.

Now I’ve gotta say, it almost seems as though whoever created the “RIP 45” hashtag wanted this outcome. It’s short -which is good for a hashtag – but also confusing. #RIP45 is just a slab of red meat for radical, consequence-free leftists to tear into online.

So it should come as a surprise to nobody that they pounced on an opportunity to politicize a tragedy. Thought a man’s untimely, extremely unexpected death was off the table? Think again. Woke Twitter will never miss an opportunity to dance on the graves of their political opponents, smugly insult somebody or drop a generic GIF.

It’s also fascinating to watch the narcissistic tendencies of someone who goes all the way down the rabbit-hole. They will deflect from anything and rationalize any mistake they made. Anyone with common sense realizes that politicizing #RIP45 is a bad look, but this chick just doubles down and is morally righteous in her mind. Not to mention the fact that border deaths are down under Trump.

All this is a result of manufactured outrage and the echo chamber that is Twitter.

I really don’t think she understands what that term means. Anyone who came up through insanely biased public schools and universities knows how the terms “snowflake” and “triggered” became mainstream. In order to cultivate the extreme marxist thought of radical leftists, opposing views need to be suppressed and silenced. Right-leaning students barely speak out and since all media they consume will be biased towards the left, students grow up in leftist bubbles.

The end result was the “snowflakes”. People so insulated from other views that the mere mention of an opposing opinion causes them to start freaking out. What pops into my head when I think of snowflakes is the Yale student hysterically crying because the university didn’t create a “safe space”.

“Snowflake” and “triggered” are dead memes only used by boomers and leftists like the one responsible for the tweet above. The latter have absolutely no clue what it means and watching them fail at using it is truly comical.

Woke Twitter recently has this idea that “snowflake” means anyone who’s offended, period. In reality, there are some things that society agrees are too far. Co-opting #RIP45 is an example of that, and people are going to be offended. Saying “HA! I BET YOU’RE OFFENDED THAT I’M POLITICIZING SOMEONE’S DEATH, YOU DRUMPF SUPPORTING SNOWFLAKE” isn’t a witty reply, it just makes you look like a clown. Straight up. Saying something abhorrent will be met with criticism.

The Co-Opting Of #RIP45 Is Par For The Course On Twitter

Like just about all big tech companies, Twitter is overwhelmingly left-leaning. Jack Dorsey has strong ties with DeRay Mckesson, Colin Kaepernick and other far left activists. The company has also been caught by Project Veritas talking about shadow-banning and stifling right-leaning content.

If you thought something like jacking a memorial hashtag and turning into an “orange man bad” session was beneath woke Twitter, think again. An article like this could be done just about everyday. Even something universally tragic like the death of Skaggs is politicized in the current political climate. It’s sad and quite frankly, disturbing.

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