The Mainstream Media Is Sanitizing Antifa Violence Yet Again

Over the last few years, we’ve seen Antifa pop up in the news time and time again. When a right wing (I’m using that term loosely) demonstration or speech is scheduled to take place, these masked loons show up to cause chaos and intimidate those they disagree with. Antifa stands for “Anti-fascist”, which as many of you may know is littered with irony because they’re the closest thing to a fascist group in the country. They have a record of violently attacking anyone with whom they disagree under the guise of fighting racism and fascism.

Antifa is back in the news for attacking journalist Andy Ngo as he covered a rally in the people’s republic of Portland. Antifa and the Proud Boys once again scrapped as Portland police failed to intervene, much like the Berkeley incident two years ago.

Ngo sustained some nasty injuries from being both beaten and “milkshaked” (this phenomenon started with a radical leftist throwing a milkshake at British right wing activist Tommy Robinson). Since then, the term has been used by punk ass left-wing radicals and their media backers such as Carlos Maza. These were no ordinary milkshakes, however. The “milkshakes” thrown at Ngo contained quick-dry cement mix.

Ngo was met with support and sympathy from many in the journalism community, but not all.

The above clown is from HuffPo, imagine my shock.

Antifa sympathizers blamed Ngo for inciting violence. He was labeled as a “far right troll” who was looking to throw gas on a flame in search of content that would help him push a right wing narrative, and that he got what was coming to him.

This idea is asinine to me. Ngo is just a journalist trying to shine light on a topic that is both under-reported and misrepresented. Antifa has of course been sanitized by the mainstream media – including Vox and Chris Cuomo – while Trump supporting teenagers are doxxed and threatened for smiling.

Just look at that framing! And pundits wonder why “fake news” resonates with the American people.

What Ngo was doing was journalism, straight up. Left-wing activists aren’t the only ones who get to declare what is “news” and what isn’t. Getting video up close is the best way to report the facts. Trying to start something when you’re outnumbered by masked lunatics who may or may not have weapons just doesn’t make any sense. Ngo is a victim, Antifa’s track record proves that.

But our friends in the mainstream media have apparently taken these Antifa idiots at face value. Because they SAY they fight fascism and racism, they’re OK. Most in the media and the left will condemn the acts of violence, while also defending the motive. They’re never the actual bad guys in any news story, especially when any right wing groups are involved. This has been a recurring theme for sometime. One of the biggest douchebags on CNN (that’s quite a feat by the way) took this shit to the next level of absurd….

Every time I see this, my mind is still blown. The level of cognitive dissonance on display from the “lesser Cuomo” is truly incredible.

I mean, damn. Either he’s OK with political violence, or he’s buried his head too far up his ass to see what’s really going on. All while pushing the Russia and Charlottesville “fine people” hoaxes might I add.

Make no mistake, Antifa should be treated as no different than far right white supremacist groups. This is a violent group driven by a radical ideology, plain and simple. Fighting racism and fascism may sound like a noble cause, but when you think everyone you disagree with is a racist or a fascist, you’ve lost touch with reality. That’s how these people justify harassing and threatening people like Tucker Carlson and Ben Shapiro, who hold fairly mainstream conservative/nationalist positions. They don’t believe in free speech or expression; those things do not exist in the society that Antifa is trying to create. Sadly, many in our media seem to be fine with that.

These black masked activists are nothing but the Bolsheviks 2.0, only with more soy.

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