Jimmy Carter And The Media’s Desperation For A Narrative

Former President Jimmy Carter made waves the other day with his take on President Trump’s “legitimacy” as President.

Predictably, every media outlet ran to the tallest mountain they could find to echo the former President’s words. Of course, this “proves” that the 2+ years spent peddling the collusion delusion was justified. If Jimmy Carter said so himself, it’s obviously true that Russia put Trump in the White House.

To most of us, whether or not we are fans of the Donald, this is crazy talk. It is some tin foil hat shit mixed with stage 4 TDS. Mueller spent over two years and millions of dollars combing over every inch of Trump’s life only to come up with some process crimes.

This is yet another pathetic attempt to hold on to the long shot that they’ve bet on since the 2016 election. If Carter had said something positive about Trump, he’d be shrugged off as a crazy old man. Now that he says something they like, he’s worthy of nonstop news coverage.

To me, Jimmy Carter saying something about Trump isn’t really a story. The media attention is. It seemed as though with the debates and other things happening in the political world that Russian collusion was a distant memory, relatively speaking. A 90 year old man says it at an event and now we’re right back on the horse. It’s remarkable when you really think about it.

Sadly, we should not be surprised. Mainstream media has rabbit ears for ANYTHING that can be used against Trump, even when its a 90 year old man parroting a conspiracy theory that has been mainstreamed over the last 2+ years. What will be next? My guess is it’ll be a story about Trump and Vladimir Putin going back in time to assassinate JFK.

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