Ten More Absolutely Insane Anti-Trump Twitter Trolls

It’s been a couple months since our last list of ten insane anti-Trump Twitter trolls and since then, the kings of that department have been dethroned. Jack and the boys finally caught up with Ed and Brian Krassenstein, who were allegedly running scams and using botnets, according to the Daily Beast. The brothers were of course raided by the FBI in 2016 in connection with a ponzi scheme. Though they were never charged with anything, these latest accusations certainly don’t help their credibility.

You’ve almost gotta respect the hustle of these two. All it took to make money off the #resistance brain trust was generic anti-Trump statements at all hours of the day. These clowns were certainly entertaining and Twitter just isn’t the same without their nonsense.

That isn’t to say that anti-Trump Twitter trolls aren’t still out there in the wild, however. They’re still crazy, still unhinged and still rising to the top thanks to Twitter’s algorithms and bias. In fact, there’s so many that we can easily do a second list, even a third. Round two is much needed honestly because there are some names here that should have been included in part one.

Without further introduction, here are ten more insane anti-Trump Twitter trolls.

Justin Amash

A rather new addition to the anti-Trump Twitter troll universe is Michigan Congressman Justin Amash. Initially elected via the Tea Party wave, Amash has since become one of several GOPe figures to completely abandon those who elected him.

His name recently rose to national prominence when he called for Trump’s impeachment following the Mueller report. Like most of the “impeach Drumpf” crowd, Amash doesn’t ever accuse Trump of a crime, only that he “obstructed justice”. He does this in the form of long, self righteous Twitter novels that he writes to himself.

Despite the fact that Mueller himself commended Barr for his transparency, Amash was writing one of these to himself just about every week. His novels were of course lapped up by #resistance Twitter and he got the 30 seconds of fame he was seeking.

Now, Amash is facing primary challenges and was recently skewered at a town hall. It should also be noted that Amash has several business ties in China. Quite convenient that he joins the “orange man bad” train just as the trade war with China heated up, don’t ya think? This clown never stood up this strongly against Obama’s executive overreach, that’s for sure.

Stephen King

It’s hard to do a list of anti-Trump Twitter trolls without including some former celebrities who have since lost their mind. Last time we had Ron Perlman and Jim Carrey, now we have Stephen King.

In my opinion, Stephen King is the most overrated writer of all time. He was big before horror became mainstream and his work is just….. weird. The dude is clearly surrounded by yes men who tell him his ideas are wonderful and the drugs definitely don’t help. Was the IT remake great? Yes, but that’s more on the director than Stephen King.

Nowadays, King spends his time tweeting at or about Trump on a regular basis. He’s even gone so far as to tell Trump that he’s not allowed to see any of his new movies. The guy really thinks Trump wants to see whatever drug addled nonsense this washed up psycho produces. Pretty sad, but par for the course with those living in Twitter world.

Ana Navarro

Good old Ana Navarro, everyone’s favorite “republican strategist”. Navarro’s routine is something rather unique to the Trump era; where pundits say left-leaning things 24-7 while calling themselves conservatives. We’re not talking salty neo-cons like Bill Kristol – who we’ll get to later – but people who are full on leftists.

Every word out of Navarro’s mouth is a leftist talking point. She is a political shill through and through yet still refers to herself as a republican. Amazing really and again, you gotta respect the hustle of some of these clowns.

Real quick, I love this line of attack where the left tries to shame conservatives for everything they believe. They spit on Christianity while using it as a bludgeon against you when it becomes convenient. They don’t give a fuck about you, your beliefs, or your religion and it’s clear as day.

Bill Kristol

Bill Kristol is one of the most pathetic characters of the Trump era. After being a mainstream GOP operative for years, Kristol has since gone all out on anti-Trump rhetoric out of spite.

You see, Kristol is part of the neo-con establishment and could care less about the American people. To him, John Bolton and John McCain, war is profitable. Kristol himself has worked for several national security consulting firms that are funded by some of the country’s largest defense contractors.

Trump creates problems for the neo-con establishment because, as we’ve seen, he’s not fond of unnecessary wars. Trump of course recently defied his advisers and decided not to attack Iran.

As a result, Kristol has been full on never-Trump since Donald secured the nomination. He was the architect of the plot to “lock” the convention and push the nomination to Mitt Romney, who didn’t campaign in a single state. The threat of this led to the brief hiring of Paul Manafort, who had convention expertise.

Kristol has only doubled down since then. The man is now indistinguishable from any Huffington Post contributor and neither is his horrifically bad new website, that we won’t even link. Kristol also went ahead and hired “conservative columnist” Jennifer Rubin, who must’ve gone to the same college as “republican strategist” Ana Navarro.

Alright chief.

Seth Abramson

This guy is without doubt one of the more high effort anti-Trump Twitter trolls. Since the day Mueller’s investigation began, Seth Abramson has been tweeting out 30-50 tweet conspiracy theories about Mueller. Remember the days where fake news was rampant and leakers were still on the loose? This guy would run with a a thread about EVERY fake news story.

If you made something up and DM’d it to him, I’m sure we’d get a 50 tweet thread about it. The guy’s ability to convince himself that he’s always right is a hallmark of hardcore conspiracy theorists and no doubt leads to the “everything is a conspiracy theory” mindset. I’m hoping for the day we get a thread about how Mueller is a Russian asset, because that will be rich.

My personal favorite coming up right here.


Chelsea Handler

Chelsea Handler is another failed celebrity who now lives rent free inside Trump’s head. Though not as active as she was in the early days of the Trump presidency, she still averages a couple dozen Trump tweets a month. Rookie numbers – she’s gonna have to get those numbers up – but still infected with TDS nonetheless.

Yeah….. about that

Handler was recently in the news for sponsoring “#ImpeachTrumpDay” that hardly anyone showed up to. Shocker, I know.

On the real though, it’s kind of hard not to feel bad for Chelsea Handler. She’s what happens when the “cool wine aunt” realizes what that actually means. A lonely, bitter alcoholic pushing 50. The saddest part is that she made a Netflix “comedy” out of this lifestyle.

That’s gonna be a yikes for me dawg.

Jeffrey Guterman

Jeffrey Guterman is on the more deranged/mentally ill end of the anti-Trump Twitter trolls spectrum. The guy can typically be found saying “fuck you” or something about Trump’s dick in reply to about every tweet. For Guterman, I think hating Trump goes beyond Twitter likes….

I wouldn’t trust Jeffrey Guterman with power tools, just saying.

Molly Jong-Fast

Molly Jong-Fast makes the cut just due to the sheer volume of anti-Trump spam she produces. I’m convinced that this chick is on Twitter ALL THE TIME because she let’s the orange man get away with nothing. At all hours, the orange man will, in fact, know that he is bad. That’s a service I think a-lot of us take for granted.

Just look at that! She digs in on the creepy, Law and Order episode rape fantasy lady that even CNN pivoted away from. Descended from a long line of novelists, Molly Jong-Fast is dedicated to the #resistance cause and can honestly be considered the female version of the Krassenstein brothers.

Oh the irony…

Scott Dworkin

Next up we have one of the most infamous anti-Trump Twitter trolls, Scott Dworkin. Scotty has been tweeting at Trump since day one and I’m honestly mad at myself for not including him on the first list.

This guy is essentially a wannabe Soviet commissar. He LOVES prison, particularly sending his political opponents there. Type in “from:funder” on Twitter followed by “jail” or “prison” and see how many tweets come up.

So much jail, so little evidence or due process. Scott Dworkin really would do well in the Soviet Union. He even has that “I’m fat and you’re starving” look down already, a hallmark of socialist authoritarians.

Tony Posnanski

Last but certainly not least we have Tony Posnanski. Like Dworkin, Tony could have easily been placed on the first list. In fact, Tony might be top dog right now when it comes to anti-Trump Twitter trolls.

Molly Jong-Fast may be on there all the time, but Tony is working overtime. This dude gets in every Trump or Trump related thread. I’m not kidding man, I think this guy hops in every single one.

Tony’s entire fucking routine is that he’s an edgy fucking millenial who says fuck. This whole thing is so old that even people younger than millenials hate it (can confirm). Dude has no real accomplishments outside of losing weight, but not a whole lot of it. He reminds me of the “before, and way before” scene from the Sopranos.

Is that too mean? No, it isn’t. Tony Posnanski is a far left radical who wanted to dox the Covington teenagers. He’s a loser and only bold on Twitter.

So there you have it, round 2 of insane anti-Trump Twitter trolls. There will be part 3, I promise. Hopefully we get some new psychos to laugh at by the time that drops.

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