Orlando Magic Fans Are Falling For Fultz Empty Gym Videos

Look man, I want to make it very clear that this post is a PSA for fans of the Orlando Magic. This piece isn’t intended to make fun of you or talk shit on your team, it is merely to warn you about Markelle Fultz.

For almost two years, Sixers fans were constantly trying to get their hopes up about this guy. He wasn’t playing, but that wasn’t an initial concern given the team’s history of sitting out rookies. As time dragged on, it seemed as though we were getting another video of Fultz hitting jumpers in an empty gym every single day. These videos would get hyped up on Twitter on a daily basis as if we were seeing anything new.

Little did we know at the time, but Philadelphia was already caught up in the Markelle Fultz saga. The “Fultz hitting videos in an empty gym” phase was just one step of a long, painful process that will go down as one of the worst trades in NBA history.

We as Philly fans have already gone through this, which is why it makes me very sad to see that Magic fans are falling for the same trap; all 12 of them. They are now starting to share videos of Fultz doing work in an empty gym. RED FLAG!

For the love of god Magic fans, quit now while you still can! I know what you’re thinking, “can we see videos of Fultz hitting jump shots”? That’s gonna be a hard no. There seems to be something in the water around here when it comes to not shooting and Fultz is no exception. All you’re gonna get is videos of him dribbling past Manti Teo’s girlfriend and bogus timetables.

Magic GM John Hammond recently announced that Markelle Fultz has no timetable, so there you go.

Ultimately, the issues with Fultz have always appeared mental. He hasn’t looked comfortable since coming to the NBA and doesn’t seem like he has a whole lot of urgency to be getting out there. Does he have the athleticism and build to be a solid guard? Sure, but he quite frankly forgot how to shoot. Throw in all the bizarre shit surrounding this dude’s life and you start to accept that this dude is probably one of the biggest busts in NBA history.

If Markelle Fultz does pan out in Orlando, I suppose that’s part of Philly’s punishment for getting a Super Bowl. One Philly sports championship ushers in ten years of misery, it is written. So if Fultz does become the next James Harden, it would be par for the course.

That ain’t happening though. The only thing Markelle Fultz provides is good content on Twitter, nothing more. There’s a higher chance of Jonathan Isaac becoming KD than there is of Fultz becoming an NBA contributor. Bank on that.

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