Toronto Fans Fell For The Worst Kawhi Leonard Impersonator Of All Time

Every once in a while, a famous athlete or celebrity finds themselves being impersonated. I’m sure we all remember that time when a Vince Young impersonator was on the loose. That douche-bag was collecting money for appearances and conning people out of their money. I still honestly would have taken him over the Vince Young that played for the Eagles though. Maybe then we could have had the dream team.

It happened again yesterday when a Kawhi Leonard impersonator popped up at the Raptors victory parade. The impostor took pictures with fans, signed autographs and trended on Twitter.

So when are we going to be getting a Twitter thread about how Toronto is a city where people of all different races can come together to be fooled by a shitty impersonator? For one, this dude is nowhere near as tall as Kawhi. You’d think it would be a dead giveaway when a basketball player is the same height as you, but nope.

He also looks nothing like Kawhi. Dude more closely resembles a generic 2K my player than Kawhi Leonard. If you’re gonna be a Kawhi Leonard impersonator, at least do it right.

But whatever man, I say we let Canada have their fun. The entire country has gone all out on this to the point where Drake has decided to drop his fake Jamaican accent for an extended period of time. Even if they don’t get Kawhi back, just one championship will do wonders for Toronto and helps the NBA’s global brand, which will be key to growth over the next decade.

I’m also just thankful that Justin Trudeau decided not to wear one of his costumes to the rally. We all know he enjoys doing that.

Holy cringe Photo: Public Relations Office Govt. Of Punjab via AP

I’d also like to point out that this NBA Finals did a-lot to re-frame my image of Canada. They threw “soory” out the window and decided to cheer for KD’s injury like some degenerate Philly fans from Philly. Did I mention Philly? Because Philly fans once threw snowballs at Santa before I was born, just saying.

On the flip-side, the Warriors took out a full page newspaper ad to congratulate Toronto on their victory. Role reversal or what? I wonder what costume Trudeau will wear if he ever visits San Francisco.

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