Chelsea Handler’s ” Impeach Trump ” Day Fails To Draw Large Crowds

My go-to move to find content to write about is to open Twitter and search #TrumpDerangementSyndrome or “impeach Trump”. It always provides material of some kind, for better or worse. Recently there was a story about a Florida woman stabbing herself because she can’t handle living in Trump’s America (I decided not to satirize that one because I have real sympathy for someone who is most definitely suffering from something far more serious than just acute TDS).

On my most recent quest for quality content, I stumbled upon a real gold mine. Apparently, Saturday was impeachment day. Protesters from around the country took to the streets for #ImpeachTrumpDay in order to show just how much they want congress to impeach Donnie T. The driving forces behind the protests – which drew abysmal crowds – are left wing, Clinton affiliated group MoveOn. Several other prominent democrats – including Rashida Tlaib – the radical freshman congresswoman from Detroit who has made headlines for some classy stuff. Tlaib is perhaps most famous for her “impeach the mother ****er” comment. Real nice lady.

Among people promoting this event is first ballot TDS hall of famer Chelsea Handler.

This tweet is 100% the end of Drumpf (for real this time).

I’m assuming these two met on Tinder? This age paring seems to be a thing these days.

Of course, non-insane people are at a ball game, having a cookout, or swimming on a beautiful summer Saturday, but why do that when you can feel good about yourself for saying you hate Trump? Scream at the sky, kneel on the White House lawn so that “Trump and Pence will leave”, anything to do your part in defeating the orange man.

Looks like a huge and enthusiastic gathering. The best part about these types of crowds is that the CNN camera will be positioned right up front so that it seems as though the crowd is in the 100’s. Funny considering how Jim “dear diary” Acosta always likes to roast Trump about his inauguration crowd sizes.

Gotta be hot in those colonial era outfits right? These people would almost certainly call the founders white supremacists, so I’m not really sure about this one. I mean, my guy couldn’t even take the time to make an interesting sign. The first rule of virtue signalling protests is to bring a sign with an over-dramatic one liner.

Shit, now I could go for some flaming hot Cheetos. This one has about as much energy as the infamous “he will not divide us” rally.

After seeing these pictures, it’s perfectly clear: Trump has been completely destroyed! As a matter of fact, I think he will resign before he gets impeached. I bet he’s crying right now…nothing makes Drumpf more nervous than a bunch of angry feminists and hipsters standing outside a Starbucks.

At least this one managed to draw about 30 people; so about the same size as an Elizabeth Warren rally.

Ultimately, I don’t think this turned out quite the way Chelsea Handler and her fellow TDS-sufferers had hoped. They have yet ti impeach the orange man after assuring themselves that it was real this time. As it turns out, people have better things to do on a Saturday afternoon than protest a non-existent apartheid regime. Who would have thought?

For the fine folks of the #resistance✊, this is more evidence that Trump lives rent-free inside their heads. Once they get outside of their social circle, they become a laughing stock to everyone else, even fellow anti-Trumpers. Whereas someone like our friend Chelsea Handler thinks that this irritates the president, I would argue the contrary.

This is great for him. Association is a powerful force: many voters will begin to associate Trump’s opponents with these protesters, whether it’s fair or not. This can’t make establishment democrats like Nancy Pelosi happy. Pelosi and her contemporaries want Trump out of power, but believe that impeachment isn’t smart politically.

They’re not wrong on that either. Just 37% supported impeaching Trump following Mueller’s statement. A majority of midterm voters also stated that they believed Mueller’s investigation was politically motivated.

All told, the deep divide within the Democratic Party has become increasingly apparent. The unhinged radical branch of the party continues to reveal itself, and it’s only a matter of time until more of the public sees how radical that branch truly is.

All’s I can say is, boy bye!

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