Democrats Are Once Again Questioning Trump’s Mental Health

File this one into both the TDS and the “how do we get rid of Drumpf when we can’t beat him”? folders. According to the Washington Examiner, several House Democrats are planning to host a town hall-type event in which President’s mental state will be scrutinized. They claim that the inquiry relates to Trump’s mental health and his ability to fulfill his job requirements. 

As you may recall, a panel of “experts” met back in March to discuss Trump’s perceived inability to act as POTUS. The leader of this panel was Yale psychiatrist Dr. Bandy Lee, a leading voice in the “Trump is fit for a straight jacket” movement. Lee has been very open about her concerns (to put it lightly) with Trump’s mental state.

“It’s deceptive because it seems like he’s alert, it seems like he’s responding to things in a rational manner, but it is not the case from every measure that we have taken,” Lee said of Trump. “And this is very serious. In fact, worse than if he had a stroke and were unconscious because he can mislead the country in destructive or nefarious ways.”

This event will be open to any member of congress. Attendees will watch a condensed version of the panel’s discussion from March. Lee will then be available for questions and suggestions after the video is shown. Another one of the event’s main organizers is Rep. John Yarmuth (D-KY), who is an open advocate for impeachment.

Lots to unpack here. Let me start by saying that I am not a psychiatrist (shocking, I know). But Dr. Lee is in fact, a psychiatrist. She knows far more than I do about the human brain and mental health.

That said, I am hereby declaring myself a psychiatrist and diagnosing Dr. Lee with TDS. The extreme rhetoric she uses to describe Trump’s mental state does not sound like that of someone making an objective observation. She went as far as to say that Trump’s mental health“is really a national emergency”. If you needed any more evidence that Lee suffers from TDS, her attempt to diagnose the President without a formal observation is considered unethical and illegitimate according the the American Psychiatric Association.

The same media outlets/politicians freely speculating about Trump’s mental health have a different tune when it comes to Joe Biden, however.

The lack of self-awareness is truly remarkable.

As for Dr. Lee; if WW3 starts up after a Trump tweet storm, I will happily admit that you were right and I was wrong. For now? I’m feeling pretty good about my chances. We are, after all, over two years deep into the Trump presidency and things seem quite positive in terms of foreign relations, among many other things.

Does President Trump conduct himself in a conventional way? No. I certainly can’t imagine any of our former presidents (well, maybe Andrew Jackson) calling Twitter troll Bette Midler a “washed up psycho”. But ultimately, who is truly harmed by Trump’s rhetoric?

The answer is nobody. The rhetoric of Donald Trump is, and always has been, a smoke screen. He baits and his enemies bite every single time.

As for Rep. Yarmuth and his fellow house democrats, what more needs to be said? These people are so far down the “get 45 outta here” wormhole that I don’t know what they wouldn’t try at this point. They’re not actually concerned about mental health issues, Russian collusion or (insert hoax here); they’re just babies throwing a temper tantrum because they lost to the one guy they couldn’t told themselves they couldn’t lose to. The one guy who has been willing to give them a taste of their own damn medicine. They’re trying to use every loophole the Constitution allows, and when that doesn’t work, they’ll try to make up their own rules. After all, the mainstream media will do their best to help.

So Democrats, stop whining and take the long-deserved L. Try to win on ideas in 2020. Come up with something that actually appeals to most Americans, not just the ones in the big cities.

But you won’t. Your TDS won’t allow you to. You’re gonna double and triple down on the same crap that got Trump elected in 2016, and then wonder why it happened again in 2020.

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