VoxAdpocalypse: Big Tech Has Completely Removed The Mask

Remember when Alex Jones was demonetized then later banned from YouTube, and everyone was told it was no big deal? Remember how we were assured that only “extremist” content would be banned? Well it turns out, that we were (predictably) told wrong.

With the 2020 Presidential Election just under two years away, YouTube has just so conveniently decided to demonetize Steven Crowder as well as other conservative commentators. They did this in response to the totally non-partisan, always reasonable Carlos Maza of Vox. Maza has advocated for assaulting those he disagrees with, defended Antifa and has backed a wide range of radical left-wing opinions, but pay no mind to that. What matters is that Crowder said mean things about him.

What is now being referred to as “VoxAdpocalypse” all started with an all too familiar over-dramatic Twitter thread from Maza. This one clocked in at 24, so on the shorter end of the spectrum. In it Maza whines about Steven Crowder mocking him for being gay and making fun of his lysp. He talks about how he “has a thick skin” and has “endured online harassment”, but this time it’s really been “bothering” him.

The oh so progressive Maza then goes on to pressure YouTube into silencing accounts like Crowder’s. Not just demonetizing, outright banning.

Shockingly, YouTube initially responded to his diatribe by saying that Crowder’s videos were OK. But that wasn’t good enough for Maza, who tweets like a teenage girl. He then whined about how all political content gets demonetized and pushed for more. After a bit of a shove from the mob, YouTube caved and demonetized Crowder’s channel.

Still though, that wasn’t good enough for this authoritarian parasite.

Make no mistake about it; Maza wants all of his political opponents silenced under the guise of “hate speech”. He and his allies frame essentially every moderately conservative as a Nazi, bigot or whatever buzzword they’re drawing out of a hat. He does this while he defends Antifa and calls for assaulting his political opponents in the streets.

But hey man, he’s “oppressed” and “marginalized”. So oppressed and marginalized that one dramatic Twitter thread was enough to get a litany of conservative-leaning accounts banned or demonetized. The action taken by YouTube was so sweeping that even educational channels were banned.

The Commissars at Google went so far as to ban an award-winning history teacher with thousands of videos. Used entirely for educational purposes, “MrAllsopHistory” had videos on his channel that included speeches from Adolf Hitler. The goal was to educate about and analyze the rise of fascism in the 1930’s.

While his account was eventually re-instated, his inclusion highlights how far reaching this purge was. The “marginalized” Carlos Maza was able to silence dozens of voices after one Twitter thread. Plus, the Crowder videos have been going around for years. Is it a coincidence that Maza just so happens to be concerned so close to the election? No, it isn’t.

Leftist Power Is Fake And It’s Time To Really Push Back

Ultimately, VoxAdpocalypse shows just how far big tech is willing to go in order to control narratives. Google, Twitter and Facebook have stopped letting organic content rise to the top and instead launched a campaign of political activism. Distorted algorithms, inconsistent banning policies and forced content are what you’ll find on the internet in 2019.

Gone are the days where homemade YouTube videos were hitting the front page. Now all you get is Jimmy Fallon, a few orange man bad videos, whatever artist is being jammed down America’s throat this summer and yes, political content like Vox. Vox is pushed to the top while encouraging assault yet Crowder is banned for making fun of someone.

A simple eye test reveals big tech censorship, but here are some examples if you’re still not convinced.

Get the point? Big tech is incredibly partisan. These companies are arguably the most powerful in the world in terms of information sharing and yet, this is how they conduct themselves.

Essentially, groups of 20-30 year-old activists at Google, Twitter and Facebook have the power to decide what information gets seen and what doesn’t. Their views are not the majority, not hardly. However, their positions allow them to masquerade these views as such.

Does it not seem odd how all this bizarre social activism seemingly came out of nowhere? It’s because media narratives are manufactured, not organically grown. Support for the far left can only be found in the deepest of Twitter echo chambers, losers drowning in debt and people who have no idea what they support, only how to tweet TheRightThings™. Nobody supports this shit, hence why the conversations you have in private are completely different than the public facade.

It’s all a house of cards just waiting to be blown over. As soon as conservatives really fight back, it’s over. The cultural winds have shifted and leftists are no longer the “cool” side. In 2007 they had The Daily Show and an immensely unpopular George Dubya. What have they become in 2019? The modern equivalent of people who tried to ban rock music because it was satanic.

VoxAdpocalypse Is A Sign Of Desperation

The left is losing the culture war; VoxAdpocalypse is simply proof of the desperation. People like Carlos Maza are nothing more than keyboard warriors who wanna dish it out but can’t take it. He has no problem encouraging political violence then wants to whine and cry when called out.

He’ll make it about his sexual orientation, his views, his ethnicity; anything but why people truly hate him. They hate him – and those like him – because they’re punk-ass losers who only are where they are because they were put there. Fuck them, use alternate platforms and stop being afraid of a small group of limp-wristed wannabe Stalinists.

Rest assured that the majority of authoritarian leftists are exactly like Maza. Kiss-ass losers who have never worked for or defended anything in their lives. They’re only so bold on Twitter because they’re insulated, promoted and allowed to say whatever they want. Any attack on them and they instantly become the victim, a tired routine that only has oxygen because of these tech companies.

As always, we don’t mean everyday liberals when we discuss the radical left. I’ve lived in a majority liberal area for my entire life and can tell you right now that support for the likes of Maza is low. However, many average liberals don’t even know how bat-shit insane the far left has become. They like Biden because their dad voted for Biden, that’s really it. Rank and file liberals will probably agree about VoxAdpocalypse but they never will if no-one tries to reach out.

Realize that all of this nonsense is held up by a small group of fragile, privileged tech employees with the power to spread information. Like the MSM, word is out and their time is up. Get louder, keep waking people up and don’t ever be intimidated. Big tech intimidation tactics have run their course and support for far left ideology is some emperor’s new clothes level shit at this stage.

I truly believe that VoxAdpocalypse will backfire spectacularly on Google and big tech as a whole.

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