Who Gains From Division In The United States? China

Robert Mueller announced today that his investigation has reached a formal conclusion and that he will be disbanding the special counsel. In the former FBI Director’s first public statement since being appointed two years ago, Mueller spoke at length about several topics. He concluded that there were Russian efforts to interfere with the election; something we’ve known for over a year. He also rehashed the main headline-grabber from his report, reiterating that there was no collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government. Indictments were handed down for Russian intelligence assets but it was specifically stated – then and now – that they acted independently.

Basically, the Russians did what they’ve always done, which is meddle and sow discord. The “social media effort” referred to by Mueller did less traffic than any Twitter account with over 1,500 followers. The big bad Russians even went so far as to organize a “not my president” rally that was attended by Michael Moore! Their aim was to get Americans fighting each-other and to put it mildly, they succeeded.

But again, Mueller clearly stated that there was not enough evidence to charge Trump with a crime. This is an exoneration to any rational person objectively looking at the facts. Mueller investigated every inch of Trump’s dealing for two years and found nothing. He did, however, sleazily slap Trump associates with process crimes, such as “lying to the FBI” simply to keep the collusion myth going. Roger Stone was raided by an FBI tactical unit in the middle of the night for something he could’ve been asked to turn himself in for.

“Witch Hunt” really is the only way to describe it. If Mueller had one morsel of evidence to use against Trump, he would’ve found a way to use it. He didn’t, which means he had nothing. The American legal system also doesn’t aim to exonerate, but to determine whether the person being investigated is guilty or not. The Special Counsel’s office found no such thing, and he clearly said it.

Mueller also praised AG Bill Barr; stating that he “preferred to make the entire report public all at once, and we appreciate that the attorney general made the report largely public. And I certainly do not question the attorney general’s good faith in that decision”.

Don’t tell that to our blue-checkmark on Twitter friends, however. They’re only doubling down.

Who Stands To Gain From This Discord? China?

The other day I wrote a piece about thoughts I had regarding foreign influence on American media, politics and overall way of life. I’m not a journalist – that term should be reserved for the select few who simply report facts – but it’s hard not to ask questions given what we’ve seen.

The “Russian collusion” talks, baseless accusations of racism and overall breakdown of American political discourse seems too convenient. President Trump made it clear that he was going to go after China and correct the trade imbalance. He was no stranger to tough rhetoric on China on the campaign trail, repeatedly calling them out for currency manipulation and intellectual property theft. Relocation of American manufacturing to China has been a known burden on the American economy for decades and the theft of intellectual property is undercutting American tech companies.

China is no friend to the United States and Trump is no friend To China’s. But like any good negotiator, Trump doesn’t put all his cards on the table at once. He tried dialogue with China, did their forbidden city gimmick and tried to get along with their pit-bull, North Korea. Sadly though, we always knew where this would end. China and the United States are on a crash-course and it’s all recently coming to a head.

The trade war has intensified, peace on the Korean peninsula appears to be a myth and the Chinese government is urging (well, forcing) citizens to smash their iPhones in favor of the Chinese tech giant Huawei.

Essentially, the gloves are off. China and the U.S. are in an economic cold war and it is only going to get worse.

China Gains From Division In The U.S., Division That Russia-Gaters Sow

After three years of accusations of treason levied at Trump, the spin-machine is a shell of its former self and is gasping for air. In 2017, tweets about “Russian collusion” would get a couple hundred thousand likes and now only clock in around 40k. Given how left-leaning Twitter is and always has been, that drop-off is significant. Midterm exit polls showed that more than half of Americans thought the Mueller investigation was politically motivated. That number has only grown since.

Also in that time-frame we’ve seen several of Mueller’s flimsy indictments fall apart, FBI corruption documented and exposed and the mainstream media’s credibility evaporate. CNN had somewhat of a reputation – even after 2016 – but have since become an absolute parody network that harasses unsuspecting elderly women at their homes in order to feed a narrative. The ratings show it too!

Through all that, the ones who screeched the loudest about how Trump was a traitor have only doubled down. They’ve now taken it to the point of bold-faced lies, with Maxine Waters stating that Mueller “made it clear that AG Barr is a liar” and that Trump was not exonerated. Any free-thinking individual can simply watch Mueller’s statement themselves and see how big of a liar she is, yet she doubles down.

Establishment Dems, blue-checkmarks and every worthless “activist” in the country are screeching for a KGB style show trial of the orange man so he can finally be impeached. They want what they’ve always wanted: impeachment no matter the facts.

They’re all doubling down, and for many of them that’s because they’re nothing more than grifters and opportunists. People like Elizabeth Warren and Eric Swalwell will say anything for votes; but are there true traitors in our midst? Are there people within our own government, media and other positions of power working to subvert the United States? I pray not, but there’s simply too much that doesn’t add up.

It makes perfect sense to launch the absurd “Russian collusion” narrative in order to mask what’s really going on. Russia’s economy is the size of Texas and yet, we were supposed to believe they swayed the election? It was ridiculous to anyone but rabid, unironic Hillary shills yet this narrative was spread far and wide. China benefits from U.S.- Russia friction and their own election meddling is glossed over by media outlets. Why?

We’ve had intelligence agencies weaponized, mainstream media drop any cover and go all-in and have seen rhetoric beyond any normal political discourse. Trump and his supporters have been dehumanized and de-platformed for the duration of his presidency as leftist radicals are sanitized and glossed over. Smirking teenagers in MAGA hats get more coverage than attacks on teenagers wearing MAGA hats.

For what exactly? That’s my question. Why is the most pro-American president in 100 years a “traitor” by those who say “America was never great”? I really have to ask myself, what the **** is going on anymore? Who benefits from any of this?

Foreign powers benefit. They profit immensely from Americans chomping at the bit to fight each-other as they plot against our national interests. All the racial divide that has been stoked, all the college students turning into red guards, and all the accusations against President Trump have turned America’s political discourse on its head. Ten years ago we were a nation of polite disagreements, now we are one of sharp divides.

Can it be explained by greed and stupidity? Sure, but the fact that Russia-gaters have doubled down on “impeach Drumpf” – even as the political viability of it evaporates- is sinister. It seems as though today is their last ditch attempt, their four-verticals play-call in Madden where they leave nothing in the tank. It’s almost as though they just want people to take to the streets and start fighting, a vibe I also got after Charlottesville.

Don’t Be Mad At Rank And File Libs. Rest Assured, We Will Get Answers

Fear not though. Trump and Barr have promised declassification and the true traitors to our country are running scared. Ever wonder why that Justin Amash douche came out of nowhere and started demanding Trump’s impeachment? He just so happens to have extensive business interests in China.

The facts will lead where they will and unlike Russia-gaters, I won’t outright label a man as a “Chinese agent” just because of business ties. However, I truly do have to wonder about why a tough on China president has resulted in the most divisive rhetoric our country has seen since the civil war?

Americans are at each-other’s throats more than ever and it’s time to stop it. As I’ve stated many times before, the overwhelming majority of liberals that I know are good people. They might dislike Trump and find him unprofessional, but they don’t outright hate their fellow Americans. They’ve been lied to for a long time and admitting that you were duped can be tough sometimes, because I assure you that these people aren’t stupid.

Don’t be mad at rank and file liberals, for the vast majority of them will be just as angry as you are when the truth comes to light. Will you always have the smug, deluded, beyond redemption lunatics spewing venom on Twitter? Sure, but they’re a small minority and getting smaller with each passing day. Focus on who’s pulling the strings so our country can begin to heal and push back against our true enemies.

We need answers, and we will get them. Hold tight and don’t let up, because today is nothing more than the final meltdown before the true traitors are exposed.

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