Are Those Calling Trump A “Traitor”, The Real Traitors?

Over the last two years, politicians like Adam Schiff have made their political careers off of the “Russian collusion” investigation. Schiff stated multiple times that he had concrete evidence linking the Trump campaign to the Russians. The American people were assured daily that their president was a traitor by those they elect to serve them.

Of course, we now know that all of that was nothing but lies and deception. Mueller specifically stated that he “did not find that the Trump campaign, or anyone associated with it, conspired or coordinated with the Russian government” in his report.

As the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Schiff’s deception goes far beyond typical partisan hackery. This man used his position not to serve the country and citizens that elected him, but to obstruct and divide. Not just any obstruction for that matter. What Schiff did was deliberately lie to the American people about a matter that could ultimately result in violence.

That is no joke either. Calling the president of the United States a “traitor” and a “foreign agent”? Are you kidding me? This rhetoric can, and has driven our country apart; perhaps to the point of no return.

Even after Mueller’s report, you will find no shortage of people who believe without doubt that Trump colluded with the Russians. You’ll always have crazies, but these crazies were deliberately led to their mania by those like Adam Schiff and their media backers.

American political discourse may have been trending in the wrong direction for decades, but this is a whole new ballgame. These people levied accusations against the democratically elected President of the United States that if true, were punishable by death. Were they uncivil with Bush? Sure, but this type of rhetoric is how you get everything to fall apart.

Adam Schiff knew that, and he didn’t care. Cheap political victories were worthwhile, no matter the cost. Schiff took political discourse far beyond normal boundaries, called Trump a traitor and pushed stories that could have ripped the country apart. They weaponized misinformation and created hordes of useful idiots who want the president’s head.

Make no mistake; what Adam Schiff has done is far closer to treason than anything he has accused Trump of. He knew what he was doing and did it anyway. He didn’t care about the long term damage it would have, only cheap sound-bytes and CNN airtime.

Schiff Isn’t The Only One

As sleazy as Adam Schiff is, he is far from the only snake that has profited off this “scandal”. Congressman Eric Swalwell – another member of the House Intelligence Committee – stated that the President of the United States “works on Russia’s behalf“. Congressman Ted Lieu accused Trump of “treason” and called him an “illegitimate president”.

Perhaps the most troubling development of the Mueller investigation was how our nation’s intelligence agencies became politicized. John Brennan, James Clapper and James Comey all routinely made assertions that were utterly baseless. They fed the fire that grifters such as Swalwell and Adam Schiff used as “evidence” of their absurd claims.

Without the former director of the CIA saying things like, “I called [Trump’s] behavior treasonous, which is to betray one’s trust and aid and abet the enemy, and I stand very much by that claim”, this wouldn’t have a leg to stand on. Partisan media outlets wouldn’t be able to lean on “the intelligence agencies” to spread their propaganda, who’s word is apparently gospel now. Never-mind that whole Iraq thing.

These developments should trouble every American. Men with access to all of America’s communications allowed themselves to be blinded by partisanship.

Again, this is far from your typical political sleaziness. This trio weaponized their immense power for political gain, and it’s downright scary how little this is talked about.

It’s Time To Start Asking Who Benefits From Calling The President A “Traitor”

So for almost three years, we were assured that Donald Trump was a foreign agent by our own countrymen. The men and women we are supposed to trust attempted what was nothing more than a silent coup against the president.

Aided and abetted by the mainstream media, these shameless individuals told lie after lie to the American people. Any potential thawing of Russia-U.S. relations was put on hold. Instead of looking outward towards those who hate all Americans, we have been spending all of our time fighting each other.

It has never been this bad and I can say that with confidence. I’m from a very liberal area and consider many left-leaning people among my closest friends. Come to think of it, I probably know more liberals than conservatives, and by a good margin. We always have – and in the case of about 90% of them – continue to get along just fine. However, these last few years have radicalized several others. Too many people I considered my friends two years ago have been consumed by this insane rhetoric that is started by intelligence officials, cultivated by short-sighted politicians and distributed far and wide by the media.

To put it bluntly, it’s fucked up. Americans are at each other’s throats and far more ideologically opposed than they were ten years ago, so what gives?

There are explanations – some of them quite troubling – for what we’ve witnessed. Is it not a fair question to ask how much of this is backed by a foreign power, such as China? The lies pushed by Brennan, Schiff and the others are without doubt the most troubling rhetoric we’ve seen from elected/appointed officials since the Civil War.

Accusing people of treason is no small matter. Plus, how exactly is Trump a traitor? Is the orange man a “traitor” for withdrawing the U.S. from the Paris Accords, an agreement that would have forced America to shoulder the pollution costs of China and India despite being the world’s leader in admissions reductions? For re-negotiating NAFTA in favor of the American worker? For going after China, who have been ripping the nation off on trade for years while stealing intellectual property? For putting AMERICA first?

None of this adds up. The people who say things like “America was never great” are accusing the president of treason as he presides over record low unemployment and GDP growth higher than Obama deemed possible.

How about the radical left’s freshman members of congress? Ilhan Omar talks about the U.S. as if it as an apartheid regime that causes nothing but death and destruction across the globe. Rashida Tlaib has deep ties with jihadists and referred to Palestinians as “her people”. She does nothing but talk about Trump as if he were a foreign dictator. How do people like this benefit middle class Americans; hispanic, black, white or otherwise? They don’t.

It’s a fair question to ask. Are the people who screeched for years about treason, and those that do nothing but advocate against the United States, the actual traitors? I sincerely hope not. It would bring me no pleasure to learn that American politicians, media pundits and intelligence officials are foreign agents. Hopefully this was all the result of a collection of greedy, spiteful individuals and not a criminal conspiracy, but we must get answers.

After all, Mueller himself found that the “not my president” rally was an event promoted by the Russians. Their goal was to create discord and pit Americans against each-other. Thanks to Schiff, Brennan and the rest who called Trump a traitor, they succeeded.

Don’t Be Mad At Your Neighbors Who Were Duped, Direct It At Those Pulling The Strings

It is common knowledge that Russia is no friend to the United States, despite Trump’s attempts at dialogue. They meddle, push divisive stories and overall want the U.S. to do poorly, but are they really that grave of a threat? Russia’s economy is the size of Texas. The Soviet Union is long gone and Russia’s economy is in the toilet.

If anything, the chance of bringing Russia into the fold is greater now than ever before. They have begun to increase trade with Germany and would benefit immensely from increased trade with the E.U. as a whole. Plus, Russia is no friend of China’s at the end of the day.

China benefits from U.S.-Russia friction and we cannot be oblivious to that. The world’s most populous nation recently invested in Reddit and multiple politicians in both parties – such as cocaine Mitch – have deep Chinese ties. Russia may be a hostile nation, but they’re nothing more than a Yorkie barking at a big dog. China is dangerous, and we can’t dismiss the possibility of Chinese interference.

I hate speculating, but there has been too much deception and downright poison spread over the last few years to not be concerned.

Trump has stated that everything will be declassified and Barr has promised investigations. We need them, because a lack of answers means that those responsible for this mess will continue to operate.

It is fair to ask questions about what has gone on. You can’t be shut down as a “conspiracy theorist” for asking why all these people have gone on record with such divisive claims. We have evidence of the FBI’s political bias against Trump and text messages between agents talking about an “insurance policy” in the event of a Trump win.

Foreign backed or not, we have some weeds that need to be rooted out. Don’t be mad at those who bought into this nonsense, for most of them simply don’t understand. Most anti-Trump people I know truly are good people, just with different views.

What cannot stand, however, is what has gone on for two years. We must root out those who deliberately lied to the American people and find out why they did it.

What they did isn’t political discourse, it is potentially treason, real treason. Until they are defeated, do not let up and continue to make all of this known far and wide. The truth is on your side. Ask questions, demand answers, and hold the true traitors accountable.

They only win if we do nothing and allow them to get away with this. Remember that.

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