YO LITTLE DONNIE: Ron Perlman – A Married Man – Spotted Kissing His Co-Star

Look man, it pains me to have to report on tabloid news. I could give less of a fuck what Ron Perlman does but when the Trump curse strikes, it needs to be reported on. It’s especially news-worthy when the curse comes for one of the ten most infamous anti-Trump Twitter trolls.

The latest victim of the Trump curse appears to be Sons of Anarchy star and #resistance member Ron Perlman. The Hellboy actor was spotted kissing his co-star of the Crackle series StartUp Allison Dunbar – outside an LA steakhouse.

Photo: FIA Pictures

The problem for Perlman’s neanderthal lookin’ ass is that he’s married to jewelry designer Opal Stone. The couple have two children together and have been married since 1981.

Ron Perlman is now primarily known as being one of many anti-Trump carnival barkers on Twitter. He still gets acting work but nothing like SOA or Hellboy. I had never heard of this show before and find it hilarious that it’s on Crackle. I mean Crackle, fuckin Crackle? Who uses that streaming service.

Perlman at least has managed to keep his anti-Trump routine original. He always calls the president “little Donnie”, which I find hilarious. I just picture him sitting in a recliner yelling to Opal apple about how him and Joe Biden are gonna kick lil Donnie’s ass behind the gym. Dude is a classic case of not knowing the difference between Twitter reality and the real world.

Perlman has used lil/little Donnie 40 times over the last three years and doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. The standout tweet has to be the one in which Perlman claims to have pissed on his hand before shaking it with Harvey Weinstein. It was a total r/thathappened moment that offered a glimpse of Perlman’s demented thought process.

I mean, who hears that and goes “yeah, this is a totally stable individual right here. I’m glad to share political views with him”.

It also highlights the absolute bullshit that the typical male feminist such as Perlman pushes. Like anyone in Hollywood, he knew what Weinstein was about but kept quiet so he could have a career. Once the cat was out of the bag and everyone turned on Weinstein, Perlman suddenly becomes this knight in shining armor for women’s rights.

He’ll tell you all about how he “respects wahmen” and how anyone who disagrees with him is a misogynist as he cheats on his wife. It’s all smoke and mirrors, all projection. Degenerate losers like Ron Perlman have a guilty conscious and think that tweeting about how abortion is amazing somehow makes up for the lack of respect he shows to women in his own life.

So while it sucks to breathe life into tabloids, it couldn’t be happening to a bigger hypocrite. Nobody cares about his personal life but the Trump curse has come home to roost. People are tired of being lectured about their morality by low-lives like Ron Perlman, who more often than not have something to hide.

Oh and Sons of Anarchy was one of the most drawn out, shark jumping shows I’ve ever watched and that was the highlight of this dude’s career. So have fun at Crackle, little Ronnie.

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