Operation Get Drumpf At Any Cost: Merrick Garland Edition

Remember Merrick Garland, Obama’s Supreme Court nominee in the wake of Scalia’s death? He now finds himself in national headlines yet again. This time, Garland’s name has come up in regards to Trump’s appeal of a frivolous congressional subpoena.

House democrats essentially want Mueller 2.0, where they can scan over every single inch of Trump’s records/finances until they find something. When the team of multi-million dollar lawyers does indeed find some guy who didn’t file something properly, it will be presented as some heinous, impeachment-worthy crime. Their reasoning boils down to “because we can” and “orange man bad”.

Garland’s nomination was of course never voted on as Mitch (cocaine Mitch in this instance) McConnell decided not to have one. He stated that the electorate should have the ability to decide via the upcoming 2016 Presidential Election. McConnell cited then Senator Joe Biden’s 1992 position that a Supreme Court nominee vote should take place after the election.

After the nomination, Garland returned to the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals and is currently its head. Merrick Garland also saw his name pop up in consideration for FBI Director before Christopher Wray was ultimately nominated.

Trump’s Appeal Heads To Garland’s Court

U.S. District Judge Amit Mehta recently ruled that the House Oversight Committee is entitled to Trump’s business records with accounting firm Mazars USA. The President’s lawyers have since filed an appeal which will be heard by Garland’s court, per The Hill.

Appeals are heard by three different judges and it is certainly possible that one of those judges could be Garland.

But this is great news, right? After all, we were assured that Merrick Garland was the perfect, duty driven, “middle of the road” candidate for the Supreme Court. He was touted as a non-partisan judge and moderate by Obama, Schumer and media outlets like The Washington Post. If Garland is truly a non-partisan judge, Trump shouldn’t have to worry.

Twitter Is Hype For Merrick Garland And His “Revenge”

Apparently woke Twitter didn’t hear about Garland’s “moderate” tendencies. Those that subscribe to operation get Drumph at any costs see an opportunity for Drumpf to finally be impeached (it’s real this time).

Blue check-marks and #resistance activists couldn’t contain themselves when they heard that Garland could be making the decision. A verified Twitter moment used a picture that basically sums up what they think. You get the vibe that Garland is going to throw the gauntlet down like your typical “yas Twitter” girl instead of being an appointed professional.

Blue check-marks and anti-Trump Twitter trolls also got in on the fun. They seem to have forgotten that Garland is supposed to have Ned Stark levels of honor and are ecstatic about the “revenge” opportunity.

Whether Garland’s court will rule in favor of Trump remains to be seen. Given the absurdity of the Mueller investigation, I assume anything is possible.

I’m no legal expert, but what I do know is that woke Twitter can never help but expose their true colors. All their talk of “activism” and “speaking truth to power” is pure and total b.s. The only thing this crowd cares about is stopping Trump at any costs and by extension, any alternative thought.

If that means weaponizing the FBI, spying on presidential candidates and using congressional oversight to prosecute political opponents, so be it. If AOC used the nails emoji, it’s real talk.

We’re in this political nightmare because “yas queen slay” has turned into a political thought process. We have representatives who talk about how they will “impeach the mother fu****” without seeing any evidence. It truly is just get Drumpf at any cost, and it’s pathetic.

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